If I Were You
The Blue Shadows Lyrics

(*Billy Cowsill/Jeffrey Hatcher)

If I were you*
Well I would turn my head
And hear this word I said to you
Not something else instead

And if you hear
What you should have heard
And if you know that every single word
Was ringing true
If I were you

If I were you
Believe me I will try
To see a different point of view
Like looking eye to eye

You see this laying here thinking I'm fine
And wondering why without even trying
Did he seem so cruel
If I were you

If you were me
Then maybe you'd see
What fools we can be
When only one side we'll see
Now tell it to me true
Now don't it tell on you

She see me standing there thinking it's fine
And wonders why without even trying
Could he seem so cruel

If you were me
Would you gaze into the mirror
The truth is looking back at you
Or do you think it's rude to stare

Cuz what you see is what you finally get
It looks to me, I haven't seen it as yet
But one day if you would see as I do
Then you'd feel the fool
If I were you
If I were you
If I were you
If I were you
If I were you

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Comments from YouTube:

bart Last

i see my post from a year ago .am a week early but rip billy.will always remember the music you gave us.wish i could have met you.such a talent.a belated birthday wish also.this was truly a great band.never got the credit they deserved.

Max Brand

Saw this band in Toronto at the horseshoe Tavern and they were such a amazing band they could've been given better recognition but in in 93-94 these boys had the goods to write a good song that got people to listen. RIP Billy Cowsill it was a pleasure meeting you and even joining you on stage.

Samuel O Lee

I love this song and I love these guys! Such a beautiful song.

Stewart Atkin

I saw these guys at Club Soda in Montreal way back when and must say it was one of the highlights of my life. A great band, so sad that Billy is not with us.Their 1st cd is still one of fave's till this day.

Kaspar's descendant

You know its not often you get to hear such wonderfully delivered vocals....thanks...great song......


Billy was a great rhythm player and you really can hear and see that on this wonderful song, my Blue Shadows favourite, at least right now!!! takamine1236

Michael Foster

One of my favourite bands doing my favourite songs!! Thanks Fella's!!!!!!


These two were great together....I remember Jeffery Hatcher when he played with his bro in Jeffery Hatcher and The Big Beat. They were out of Winnipeg then....AWESOME

Ginny Alexander

Wow, just wow!! Thank you

bart Last

thanks so much for posting these videos.such a sad loss.received my on the floor of heaven cd in the mail sat.great group-great songs.we miss you billy.been a fan since 67.rip

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