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Is Anybody Here
The Blue Shadows Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Is Anybody Here' by these artists:

King Diamond [Diamond / Diamond] Oh the night is here It? S hot tonight …

We have lyrics for these tracks by The Blue Shadows:

A Thousand Times I told you no a thousand times Don't try to make…
Coming On Strong Now if I'm coming on strong* It's cuz you're driving me…
Deliver Me Driving at midnight and the moon is* Looking right at me I…
If I Were You (*Billy Cowsill/Jeffrey Hatcher) If I were you* Well I wou…
If It Ain't Rockin' Well when something ain't jumping* That what I can't take An…
On The Floor Of Heaven (*Billy Cowsill/Jeffrey Hatcher) On the floor of heaven* …
The Fool Is the Last One to Know (*Billy Cowsill/Ralph Boden Johnson) Now I'm just a workin…
Think On It So much work are some stories* Sometimes they just hide the…

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Comments from YouTube:


Vancouver music fans were truly blessed to have Billy in our midst for close to 15 years. When he hooked up with Jeffrey, real magic was created. A band that absolutely prove the fundamental truth: great harmonies and cool songs are the cornerstone of beat music.

Fred Bloggs

I saw Billy many times at the Fairview Pub on Broadway...
Great times!

HiPlanes Drifter

@Rob Tyler I read somewhere Bill lovingly called the Rusty Gull the 'Dusty Skull'. LOL Yes, Bill was fantastic, very much underappreciated, underrated, underlistened-to.

Rob Tyler

We certainly were! I used to catch Bill's band at the Rusty Gull every time they came by. Between sets, we'd talk music for as long as we could. Bill was a great guy and a fantastic singer and songwriter!

Debra Dunn

I love Billy Cowsill RIP. He could sing the phone book he’s that good. I miss him and Barry RIP.

George Oblin

Debra Dunn Indeed, a unique talent.πŸ‘πŸ»

kringles Paul

Incredible that this was never played......beautiful.

George Oblin

@Sointula2 Still, it's great to see that their music is being discovered on YouTube and that their CD's are being re-released.

George Oblin

@martinhiebert I own the original releases but it's great to know they've been re-issued. Cheers.

George Oblin

typo: Shadow=Shadows

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