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The Blue Shadows Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by The Blue Shadows:

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Anne Wagnera

Embrace the Isle's Wrath, I am on the warpath
A mix of pain and desolation's on the forecast
4 legged apparation stomping out the opposition
I'm on a mission bringin real life to superstition
Spectral riders at my side as I gain speed
You're guaranteed to quiver in your boots when I stampede
A blue ribbon for my shadows when they're on the onslaught
Your suffering is magic to my eyes when you get caught
Let's accelerate the process get a Need for Speed
I'm too Fast & Furious to ever lose the lead
The ground I run upon turns lifeless as it decomposes
I'll split your soul like parting water, call me shadow moses
I depart from this battleground torn by violence
The crack of brittle bones fills the air, breaking silence
Do yourself a favor, let me tell you how to win your trials
Bow down to the dark steed from the Shadow Isles

[Verse 2: Nicki Taylor (Elise)]

I'm on course, what a tangled web I weave
Come forth and take a bow, kneel before the spider queen
The beautiful arachnid whom you worship when you see me walk in
Testing all the boundaries like GLaDOS with my neurotoxin
It's such a shame when you flee and I give chase
You know death can only kill you, stop denying my embrace
The soothe of my voice, leaving you attracted
Echoes in your head, I'm radioactive
Into your cerebellum, I will inject my venom
My carnage reigns chaotic, perfect and symbiotic
The lights are dimming, veins are pulsing and your heart is failing
Throat is swelling, eyes are bleeding, organ tissue ailing
You're twitching on the ground, feeling your flesh decay
My spider emmisaries, they take your husk away
I dig inside you, drink your blood with such virility
With great power comes great possibilities

[Chorus: Falconshield]

Cower in fear
Cover your eyes
Go to that place
Where you feel safe
Trust in the lies
Tell yourself you'll be fine
But you can't deny...

[Verse 3: Rawb09 (Kha'Zix)]

I hit 6 and I transform like the megazord
Consume and adapt and I'm getting used to this smorgasbord
Fullmetal and I ain't talking about alchemy
The Wings come out now I'm wing zero out of Gundam Wing
Jump like springs, dunk and I rebound to be branded like I'm Michael Jordan; MVP
Don't need to diss Trick2g just to perform a trick shot
I'll hit R and pop up in bot lane like a Shaco Box
Hop like scotch with no liquor involved
Pimp like the dog, metal claws like scyther trade and I'm set to evolve
I'll let the cat out of the bodybag, I mean Rengar
Looks like your teamwork is faulty I'd advise you recall
I'm about that action you see the swagger? I have maxed it
Just honing my letahl passive lone wolfs are just target practice
Who needs some boots when I am cruisin' around in moccasins
Known for killing the meta, you can call it Metalocolypse
I'm the mantis god, I'll make you prey
Destroy the spectre that's reflected opposite of the flay
So don't portray a part, you're not far from being the hero
From the void I'll cut you in half, now that's dividin' by zero

[Verse 4: Keyori (Kog'Maw)]

Welcome to the Void, meet the mouth of the abyss
Are you here to feed me? 'Cos I'm getting quite ravenous
So gaze into the void rift, admire the view
But first you'll be toyed with, 'cos I play with my food
I'm munching, crunching on my luncheon
Dropping nukes on enemies bunching
Atomic, stomach, Acid vomit
Drop it like a bile comet
Cosset my food, like it's one of my brood
You taste salty, you from NA?
I don't mean to be rude...
I'm not your typical, critical carry serial killer
But I eat a lot of Kellog's, call me cereal killer
Til' I vomit up cornflakes, so the cereal kills ya
Say "cheerio" to your team, love from: The Bacterial Spiller
I'm iller than Illidan, fill the void in my stomach
Sins caused by gluttony, subtly fetch me the cutterly
And the utterly, butterly run from me
'Cos I got a thundering, hungering
So flee I suggest, 'Cos I want meat
And I smell soft flesh

[Chorus: Falconshield]

Cower in fear
Cover your eyes
Go to that place
Where you feel safe
Trust in the lies
Tell yourself you'll be fine
But you can't deny...
The chills up your spine!

[Verse 5: AntiRivet (Mordekaiser)]

(I will bring great suffering!)
Onto the field I storm, clad in a metal swarm
A living suit of armor to the battle I'm reborn
I offer you this chance, strike me if you're feeling brazen
You'll beg for mercy as you dare to Kiss my Iron Maiden
My mace is crushing bones and Sister that's a bad habit
I sacrifice your Carcass now upon this Black Sabbath
You ask from whom the bell tolls when this demon walks
Your time is running out upon this MegaDETHKlok

I run through the night, a Manowar who fights
I leave you In Flames, a Mastodon with savage might
Ministry of the dead, driving this Motörhead
Enslaved in ether, I'm a Slayer to the very end
I'm bleeding nitro, Accept your final woe
I'll drag your corpse upon the ground and call it Skidrow
You're in a world of hurt, deep in the Iced Earth
My children of the grave, I give to you this grand rebirth

[Verse 6: Falconshield (Cho'Gath)]

Make room, the terror of the void
Has come to the rift to consume and destroy
I'm a freak on steroids, smash like a freighter
A spawn from the void, call me violator
Bring your child to the Shadow Isles
A fun expedition to make them smile
Come home with me, and stay a while
I'll Cho you the meaning of being hostile
Brawlers - Nom Nom
Support - Nom Nom
Mages - Nom Nom
Junglers - Nom Nom
A sea of bodies to Supersize Me
I take the free meal, and rinse with tea
Just like Jimmy, I eat the world
Put an end to hunger? That's absurd
I grant one wish on your dying breath
Better choose wisely, cake or death

[Guitar Solo: Martin Floberg]

[Guitar Solo: Roberto D'Alessandro]

[Chorus: Falconshield]

Cower in fear
Cover your eyes
Go to that place
Where you feel safe
Trust in the lies
Tell yourself you'll be fine
But you can't deny...
The chills up your spine!

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morde was legit

Cannot Remember

the one with 13 health pots was urs


Hello I m 5 years late

Kyle S

God, The og Mord, In fact it was you streaming him is what got me into league. back before you were on TSM.

Rivalry . Luke

All went hard, this is forever the best one :)

And I- oop

Matt Hamster eyy 3 years late

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Don't mind me, just here for my daily dose of Mordekaiser

Dušan Nešković

Are you here today

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@IplayTeemoasaWard UP UP, MORDE DOSE DAILY

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