Opening: I Can't Turn You Loose
The Blues Brothers Lyrics

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the Universal Amphitheatre
Well here it is, the late nineteen seventies, going on 1985
You know so much of the music we here today is preprogrammed electronic disco
You never get a chance to hear master bluesmen practicing their craft anymore
By the year 2006 the music known today as the blues will exist only in the classical records department in your local public library
So tonight, ladies and gentlemen
While we still can let us welcome from Rock Island Illinois
The blues music from Elliot Jake and Elwood Blue, the Blues Brothers

Written by: Otis Redding

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Comments from YouTube:

Timothy Welch

The Greatest opening I've ever heard. BAAD AASS!!

Andrew Poole much of the music we hear today is preprogrammed electronic disco we never get a chance to hear master bluesmen practicing their craft anymore.

Wiktor Tomanek

@OriginalMooMix That's why people who make real electronic music use analog synthesizers.


Nothing programmed, it takes a lot of skill to make good electronic music. You can enjoy one type of music without putting another down :P

Seth Finley Music & Films

Andrew Poole then you might like what I do:)


The beginning is so true

Camila Vazquez

Temas de pelucula blue brother


Such an infections tune, it grabs you the second it starts. I love it!

Marty McDonough

Beautiful! I had this album! Thanks for the posting!

Mr Duke Silver

They opened for Steve Martin with this gig

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