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Drosophila Melanogaster B-A-9-8-7 TXL Berlin Tatl Airport to LHR London Heathrow I a…
Hands of Production Today, twenty five thousand people are driving motor cars on…
Midnight I work the mill The same as my father and my…
Planemo feat. Mike Patton Planemo Planemo Tonight, I orbit a row My own galactic …

Third Generation Pink Slip This town′s so done The writing's on the wall The more the…
Traineater Old No. 6, she's going down She's had her last meal And…
View From The Watertower I′m counting cars I'm counting passing clouds I′m counting h…

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Comments from YouTube:

Arwen Miller

I love the pairing of the images with the incredibly haunting music. I must get this album, based solely on this one song. Amazing.

3 legged shark kicks surfer in balls

Goddamnit, how has it taken me until now to discover the existence of this band???!! Which rock have i been living under? I feel like a right fuckwit. This track has a decidedly PJ Harvey-ish feel. Not a complaint, btw. I need to get my hands on this album ASAP <3

To Bue

Book of knots truely is an insane band. Nothing more to say. Insane.


I like this a lot. Great images to go with the flow of the song.


Amazing. I love it :)


Such an underrated song!! Why????

To Bue

@squarepox Of Course Hands of Production is freaking awesome. So is Prey feat. Tom Waits. Well Train-eater is their 2nd LP, but their first (called same as the band name) is quite awesome too. I'd recommend all of their songs ;)


@squarepox Don't judge Book Of Knots form this song. This songs sounds very very different from the rest of the album. It's better listen to "DIsco Volante" album by Mr Bungle or the italian band called Zu for similar reference :)


Ah Carla, well of course ;)

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