Garden Of Fainting Stars
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The vocals are beautiful.


this is genius!


This one tingles the ol' nether-regions.


Anyone translate the lyrics?

Shaun Whitfield

What is it?
What does my body hear?
What is it, to be this soil, battlefield?

Loved and Hated
Adored and disdained

In light, through a tangle on angled veins,
Crawl confused bloody battalions

At night, a garden of fainting stars
Talking, breathing, the singing fields

You have
Scared the
Monsters to death

Your memories
A chronicle in stone
Your heart
Of alabaster

Philosophers, thrown over the belfry
Vats of epileptic connoisseurs

Your temples, sprouting from inside of me
A luxury of imagination

Your flock, sewn into the tapestry
A trembling chorus of crackling bells

You’ve scared us half to death

If I should crown myself King
Archangel or merely Emperor
I’d still be pushed under the battling limbs
Beneath a featherless cluster of fallen angels

You’ve scared the monsters away
You’ve scared all of us monsters away
You’ve scared all of the monsters away
You’ve scared all of us monsters away


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