View From The Watertower
The Book Of Knots Lyrics

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I′m counting cars
I'm counting passing clouds
I′m counting how loud, loud
Loud, loud my ears can
Hear me roar!

All the spiders love me
Water tanks above me
Racing through with orange paint on faded blue
I climb up there and draw a heart for you
I draw a heart for you
Yeah, the stars aren't in heaven, babe
They aren't in heaven, babe
They′re in passing cars
Legendary locust
Dust, dust, dust, dust
Baby, there′s dust inside
Maybe numbers are starting to lie
I gotta get out, I gotta try
I knew a guy
Who went over the bridge here just to die
Quiet now
That's ten speed
Quiet now
That′s more silence than even I do
I gotta get out
I gotta stay awake!
I gotta get out
I gotta stay awake!
Gotta stay awake!
I gotta stay awake
I gotta get out of here

I knew a guy
Who went over the bridge
Here just to die
Quiet now
Let's fuck off time
And admit we′re never going to stop
Existing in a dead moment
This time, time is a joke
We wear on our wrists
And we just don't get it
Mom, Mom, Dad, Mom
Too long, all the while
A child, child, child inside
Breeding numbers and speed
And fast trains out of here
Get me the fuck out of here
I don′t care if it's time
I don't care if it′s fast
But get me out of this place
F-fuck, ooh

Square root of six-six-six
Is approximately five squared
Is three times Route 74
That′s place to numbers nine-nine-nine
At the 83rd decimal place it just
73rd and one-one-one and it's third of the fifth
And the seven-seven-seven in the Sioux City sits
And its decimal place and it adds its fourth
With dot dot dot dot dot
Who gives a shit?
Digital numerical core
As soon as we see the number three
It′s really more like four!
I fuck with nine and 54!
Because it's all just more, more, more!
More, more, more!
More, more, more!
Stay with me
Stay with me
I blink my eyes
The spans of lies
A hundred times I′ve seen you die
For us babe, for us babe

As in my head I start to cry
Listen to me inside and tell me am I dead?
It's in my head
Let′s fuck off time!
Well just the same
Let's fuck off time!
There'll never be enough time
Never be enough time
Never be enough time
For me to love you
There′ll never be enough time
For me to love you!

Mom′s in the back
Walking out a mat
Dad's on the porch
Swing another bee sting
All the while the child, child, child
Inside breeding numbers
Numbers, numbers, numbers
Numbers and speed
Come with me babe
And fast trains
Come with me babe
Out of here
Come with me
Get me the fuck
Come with me
Out of here
Come with me
I don′t care

Even if it's nowhere

Overall Meaning

In the lyrics of "View From The Watertower" by The Book of Knots, the singer describes a moment of introspection and contemplation as they count passing cars and clouds, reflecting on the loudness of their thoughts and the roar within themselves. The image of a watertower serves as a vantage point from which the singer observes their surroundings, with water tanks above them and the presence of spiders hinting at a sense of interconnectedness with nature. The act of climbing the watertower to draw a heart symbolizes a yearning for connection and affection, as well as a desire to leave a mark on the world.

The mention of stars not being in heaven but in passing cars emphasizes a sense of disillusionment or detachment from traditional notions of celestial beauty. The reference to a legendary locust and the presence of dust suggest themes of impermanence and decay, with the singer feeling trapped in a state of inertia and suffocation. The urgency to break free and stay awake reflects a yearning for escape and vitality, as well as a recognition of the transitory nature of existence.

The subsequent verses delve into themes of mortality, with references to a person who went over a bridge to die, hinting at themes of suicide and despair. The repetition of the phrase "I gotta get out" underscores a sense of entrapment and a longing for freedom from existential ennui. The disconnect between time as a linear concept and the singer's desire to defy its constraints reflects a struggle against mortality and a yearning for eternal love and connection.

The outro of the song delves into mathematical and numerical musings, with references to the square root of six-six-six and various decimal places, suggesting a sense of order and precision in contrast to the chaotic and emotional themes explored earlier in the lyrics. The repetition of the word "more" and the plea for love in the face of inevitable time constraints convey a sense of longing and desperation for connection and meaning in a world marked by impermanence and entropy. Ultimately, the song encapsulates a complex meditation on mortality, love, freedom, and the human struggle to find significance in a fleeting existence.

Writer(s): Joel Alexander Hamilton, Carla Alexandra Kihlstedt, Tony Maimone, Matthias Bossi, Carla Bozulich, Norman Westburg, Trey Spruance

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Comments from YouTube:


This band is just amazing. 


rootsm3 i don't want to mess up naming everyone. it was so many great people and some were not on all the songs and there were overdubs..... oh brother. It should all download with the music every time. it just bugs me. But can we all just say CARLA KIHLSTEDT!!!!!!!!!!! Goddess of sound.


this is me, carla bozulich, singing. And about 10 other musicians who should b credited are playing. People plese always credit all the artists. You'll have good luck all your life.


Better late than never:

Carla Bozulich: lyrics/vocals
Joel Hamilton: electric guitar, frostwave, bedspring guitar
Carla Kihlstedt: violin, ukelin
Tony Maimone: electric bass, piano
Matthias Bossi: drums, piano
Norman Westberg: electric guitar
Trey Spruance: saz
Piece of Tape: hammond B3/leslie 147

Taken from one of the little cards that came with the CD.

River Michael Moone

@goldencatpants these vocals are my favorite part of this album. props


TheSactoSmile While I search for the band that was ultimately used (why should we have to "search" these days?) will you please put my name on here...... "feat. Carla Bozulich" seems to work well. Not to steal a sliver of thunder from this great f-king project but I wrote about 100 words, sang, did satanic math!


If you give me the lineup I'll put in in the description! Incredible voice btw you're great :)


You're great Carla, just greagreagreat.


this is badass

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