No Sir
The Both Lyrics

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Bree Runway Oh my God! Wa-woha, woo ha? Woo ha What the hell am…
Jean Ritchie Tell me why you are so cruel Tell me why you…
Stonebwoy Burniton Ya hear mi now Dakay! The Hennessy nuh reach me Pass me…

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Hummingbird In the woods we lit a fire And we watched a…
Milwaukee We walked over the bridge in Milwaukee Past the statue of…
Straight Outta Line Said it gets me loaded I'll walk a straighter line I've been…
The Gambler The ball dropped in the cold light dawning on a cold…

The Prisoner Well, they clear the lanes for bicycles Before the walks Eve…

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Comments from YouTube:


Best duo ever!!


Take that, Simon and Garfunkel!!




love the both


Kay and Leo , Thanks for the new sounds ! Love this tune so muck I play it now kick -ass!


Love this so much!


sounds great!


The both sounds a little Roy Orbison especially… chorus section. Melody, singing etc. This sounds very goods πŸ‘Œ




Kinda like "King of The Jailhouse"?

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