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by The Busters

You’re late for work, you’ve gotta run
The weekend went by, now it’s gone
The first shit of the day, is the dog shit on your way

You’re stuck in traffic jam
You swear as loud as you can
Why’s it always only you
Kept up by fools with nothing to do

You’re so poor you’ve got it bad
No one can be half as sad
You’re not the only person to be hurt
Things go wrong and you can’t help it
If you ain’t blind you can tell it
Sometimes it’s Monday all over the world

At work no one’s really nice
Except for all these little lies
Like: you’re looking good today
Can’t they see it’s a Monday?

You’re so poor you’ve got it bad...

Cars break down and couples fight
That really sounds unique
Your hairstylist should go to jail
And your best friend is a freak

Your soccer team lost every game
You feel just the same
You get into your car
And scratch your bosses Jaguar

You’re so poor you’ve got it bad...

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