Spanish Harlem Incident
The Byrds Lyrics

Gypsy gal, the hands of Harlem
Cannot hold you to it's heat
Your temperature's too hot for taming
Your flaming feet are burning up the street

I am homeless come and take me
Into the reach of your rattling drums
I gotta know babe all about my fortune
Down along my restless palms
Gypsy gal, you've got me swallowed
I have fallen far beneath
Your pearly eyes so fast and slashing
And your flashing diamond teeth

The night is pitch black, come and make my
Pale face fit in the place, ah please
I gotta know babe, I'm nearly drowning
If it's you, my lifelines trace

I've been wonderin' all about me
Ever since I seen you there
On the cliffs of your wildcat charms I'm riding
I know I'm 'round you but I don't know where

You have slayed me, you have made me
I got to laugh half ways off my heels
I got to know babe, will you surround me?
So I can know if I'm really real

Written by: BOB DYLAN

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Comments from YouTube:

Mik Gobel

Love the bass quirk at 1:20. It sounds nasty and great on the original vinyl record, It gets lost once digitized, But it's still there. One of the most famous bass bloopers ever! They decided to leave it since some much was attached to the track. And one must admit, it is cool, shows they are human and a bit rebel. Again, it's much more noticeble in analog, from the record.

Torre Rodriguez

Fine cover by the birds. Fantastic lyrics by the american Shakespeare. Thanks for posting this great sound!. I love it.

Miyuki Shijisha

Gotta love Roger's vocals.

Andrew j wheeler jr

god I love this gem it,s so beeeeeeeeauuuuuuuutiful too me it makes me cry because of the Harmony and warmth it delivers such a great powerful punch in the mist of my favorite tune by these beautiful sounding brothers of the decade so wonderful to hear this lovely and timeless classic rock and roll over and over and over again peace everybody.

Mike Duman

One of the most underrated rock groups ever love it

Trollcat _22

And The Leaves, There Dog Night and Badfinger


Not heard this before great track nice 60s sound

Zack Zallie

Not sure if you know but this is a Dylan cover. The Byrds is the reason Dylan turned electric.

R. L.

Amazing cover of a Dylan original. So good!

Steve Comins

As pointed out there's bass flaw at 1:20, does that sound like the singer grinning at the next word? that's what happens in real bands.
Interaction i was infamous for a quick scowl to a bandmate for a mistake. With maturity realized the positive that I was paying attention to what they're playing. I was blessed with several long living bands with loyal mates so I guess I wasn't too bad.
The bass has a difficult role in this song. it's very out front.Also the tempo seems to start running away and for a part that a behind the beat anyway it's murder. It's possible thought of a different register and then thought better of it or perhaps just missed the string.

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