When The Sun Goes Down
The Car Is On Fire Lyrics

I woke up, I'm feeling old
And that's nothing new at all
The memory of our first kiss
Is that thing I sorely miss
Every time you cry
Just wave to me with your hands
And tell me why
Only if you could do nothing else
Than being near me
When the sun goes down

Contributed by Bella G. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Karen Tobin

I used to sing on the road with John Stewart and sang GOLD every night on tour....I did the "Stevie" part....and occasionally Lindsey Buckingham used to show up and sit in with the band. Quite a memory....GOLD....

Ron Bagnera

Sssss mmkol

Ben Vasilinda

While I’m not a huge fan of his singing, I love his song writing skills. He could write with the best of him. I’d imagine the Buckingham/Nicks split was tough on him because he was such good friends with both of them. To bad Nicks got so bitter over the years with Lindsey. He had long gotten over her snd moved in but she only got nastier and nastier with him. I guess she has decided to forget that Lindsey could have left her behind and joined up with Fleetwood Mac without her when Peter Green left them. They only needed Lindsey at the time for his unique ability to fill the void that Green took with him. Obviously she became the heart and soul of Fleetwood Mac but only because Lindsey refused to join them without her. With all that said, the Buckingham Nicks original album that they made together is my favorite all time songs that Stevie and Lindsey ever made.

frank drakman

Well, then you're a legend to me Karen Tobin 😉

Mark Morelli: The Mathematical Investor

Neat !!!

Ricky Parker

Karen im sure you ROCKED the Mike baby!!!!

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Pam Dunaway

in the words of Greg Kihn "they dont wtite em like that anymore"

Amber Rednest

You have that right!

Adrian Zappa

This song is one of the reasons why "Bombs Away Dream Babies" was one of the most critically-acclaimed albums of 1979.

Brian Plunkett

Agreed! And of course, the artist hates it. Probably why it is not on Spotify. That's why I'm here right now. Love this song.

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