Don't Blame Your Daughter
The Cardigans Lyrics

Don't blame your daughter
That's just sentimental
And don't blame your mum
For all that you've done wrong
Your daddy's is not guilty
You came out a little faulty
And the factory closed
So you can't hold them liable
You come from an island
You're cutting diamonds
With a rubber knife

Your autograph's is worthless
So don't send me letters
And don't mail me cash
'Cause your money is no good
What's left in your mattress
Is holes and lack of love left
Some hair from a horse
And none of it is yours, man
You come from an island
You're cutting diamonds
With a rubbery knife

And the song you sing today
Wasn't always in your head
The words you try to say
Are the ones you should've said
They're glistening like diamonds
Go out and find them
But don't blame your daughter

Read me your tombstone
Tell me you're sorry
Fax me your will
You owe me something still
Blood is like water
The bath that you poured me
Has drained and is gone
Don't blame it on your son

And the song you sing today
Wasn't always in your head
The words you try to say
Are the ones you should've said
They're glistening like diamonds
Go out and find them, boy!

The world is full of diamonds
Go out and find them
But don't blame your daughter

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Lauren S.

Ok I'll probably get voted down for this but I think I got the idea of the vid. It was driving me nuts to figure it out.

Nina's holding a seance, with men at the end, who're the fathers of the girls you see. They're each wearing their daughters belongings. The girls are the dead spirits. Showing how they died.

First there's the Victorian lady who was holding the jewelry box and looking at the doll dancing longingly. Then shown she's dragging a baby crib? small bed? or child's chair? thru the woods, so I'm guessing she aborted or lost her young daughter and ran off into the woods and died. 

The redhead we see next is crying and sings "you can't hold them liable" and "go out and find them" (find the diamonds i.e. the things he should've said to her) and a few more lines. "don't blame it on your son" part is sung by the guy who I thought was the dad. (But maybe her brother?) I think she felt guilty for something her dad blamed her for and drowned herself with a weight and a fishing net. (Maybe if it is her brother sitting there, he was involved and wasn't told what had happened.)

The blond girl seems to have been a whore. When nina sings, "Some hair from a whore's" the first time, the camera focuses on the blond who looks ashamed. Also just by how she's dressed, bleached blond, and they made sure to show her stockings. And she's riding in a carriage that's black and looks suspiciously like a coffin. You can't see the driver's face, so I'm guessing she was killed by a random guy who paid her for sex, and got shoved in the car knowing he's going to kill her. She is able to scream for help by rolling down the window-(1:30) of the car. But I think he quickly turns around and chokes her. she looks like she gasps for air @ 1:42, and puts her hands around her throat like she's trying to pull something off her neck. and the window is still open (1:44).

The hostile girl in black with thorns, reeds (?) around her neck seems to have been a witch. (?) I thought at first it was rigging rope, but it can't be since rigging doesn't stick out like reeds. I have the hardest time figuring out what her story is. What's around her neck @ 0:41? Some kind of fishing gear? And why is she always looking so mad? What's with the black everything, strange dress thing and no makeup? Here's what I think. She's a witch, with wooden reeds around her neck. She goes out in a boat. The red moon is an ill omen and there's a storm going on (lightning flashes). She's shouting and looking for someone, probably her dad from what she sings. "go out and find them" (words he should have said) is whispered by the blond spirit to the witches dad since witch is still angry and won't talk to him. So I think she went looking for her dad in a storm and got lost in it, but didn't tip over since she kept whatever was on her neck.

And Nina? Her story is tough. Seems like she is or was at some point a like 1940's or 50's nightclub entertainer. (The sparkly white dress, the outfit she wears at the end, and the table she spins on) Or is just channeling her. It could be nina's the mom or the daughter. I think since she's next to a river with her skirt hiked up laying in the grass, she got raped? or just went in the water, idk. The place she is is very romantic-water, moonlight, lightening bugs and a harp (1:24). So maybe she had a romantic rendezvous that went wrong? Since she stares at the water, and stays near it, maybe that's how she died. Either way, I think the gathering of the girls' spirits @ 3:05 shows each person in what they died in. But if that where true why doesn't she (nina's spirit) wear the same white dress? grrr.

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Ioana Casapu

Listening to this as an adult, after so many years of trying to gain my psychological self-reliance and release the damage my family has done in raising me, I understand how well the song depicts the parent/child dynamics most of us get to suffer from and need to heal from...

Bohdan Kobel

that song blew up my mind when I was a kid, one of those that made me the person I am

James Meehan

Changed me more as a father


I'm constantly amazed how The Cardigans manage to output consistently interesting varied art of such high quality and never get the recognition for it they deserve. Beautiful clip!

Simon D. Liebert

Super Extra Gravity is the most underrated album of the history of pop-music. It's pure beauty. So deep, well written, melanchonish, bittersweet. This song is a little masterpiece. The fact that such a great work sold poorly makes me think that maybe mainstream audience really deserve nothing more than hip-hop crap and JB... the Cardigans were far too good to be largely appreciated.


It seams that most of the fans are not sure what is the song all about. Long time ago there was a Q&A part on their website. I wasn't sure what inspired the lyrics, so I asked and Magnuss explaned that it's about the idea that each individuall is responsible for their own happiness.

Mark Schaumann

Not to the old folk...

Just got to start very deep to do a big lift...


@Marcus Godfrey to me, yes

Marcus Godfrey

Is it a depressing song?


The world is full of diamonds go out and find 'em

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