Call Me Home
The Cat Empire Lyrics

Sometimes I feel no armour
Sometimes I feel no ground
Sometimes I feel the sky won't open
And turn these words around

At night I am woken by
Images of the flood, oh oh
I'm living on the border
I'm living on the mud
You say there is no order
You say there no cause
You say there is no reason to find
Happiness at all

Call me home - Is anybody?
Is anybody out there and
Call me home - Is anybody?
Is anybody out there at all?

Have we forgot our brothers?
Have we forgot our kin?
Have we forgot who loves us dearly?
Have we forgot who'd sink or swim?

I went down to the water where
My heart beats slow, oh oh
The river started flowing
And I know where it goes

Call me home - Is anybody?
Is anybody out there and
Call me home - Is anybody?
Is anybody out there at all?

Call me home...

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Comments from YouTube:

lucky lunie

love, love, love, these guys, they're music is exceptional, it goes straight to your soul!

Anna Garrido

I love this song. It moves something inside me that makes me feel alive, happy, connected... as if everything was a dream, full of magic and completeness. And I just want to cry, touched by a bigger source of energy (specially when you do the climax at 3:12). The older I am, the less things make me feel this way... thank you, Cat Empire. You are big, you are INSPIRED. I can't wait to the concert next Nov in BCN.


definitely one of the best songs they've done. saw them perform this live, uber awesome. :)

Tom Lofmark

Saw these guys play live a couple of days ago, absolutely amazing

Tom Rooke

One of my favourites of the album

Gabble Ratchet

@NCP141111 And I'll have you know they are electric dynamite on stage! Any chance you get to see them live is the best investment you'll make! Incredible band and beautiful music indeed :)


Saw these guys live in Saskatoon a year ago... Easily the best concert I've been to.


this is my kind of music, this is the music that 40 years from now it'll come on the radio and i can tell my kids "this used to be my song back in the days! it is today still" haha.

Lucio M.

great song!!


im obsessed witht the album cinema its been like over a year and im still playing it daily

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