A Breton Carol
The Chieftains Lyrics

Péh trouz zou ar en doar
Péh kan a gleúan me
Na kaeret er boehieú e za lein eun né
Eled, lavaret d’emb eit petra e kannet?
Peneú éted ar zé e zou arriú er bed?

Arnet eúe genemb kannet pobl ag en doar?
Ewan de laret d’ho eun né úèted hemb par
Eur mabig beniget roué a Jerusalem
E zo gannet eit-ho ér gér a vethléem


What noise on earth?
who is singing for me and who I am hearing
how much I like these voices who sing in the skies
and what do they say in their song?
what is new that happened on earth?

we hear the people sing on earth
I come to tell you that in the sky there is something beyond compare
a small child blessed, king of Jerusalem
and who was born for them (the people) in the town of Bethlehem

Translated by Nolwenn Monjarret

Contributed by Katherine H. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Patrick Tobin

I can speak Irish and Welsh but not Breton. However, as a teenager in 1950s Dublin I got used to hearing some great songs from many foreign countries in languages I did not understand. I used to listen to them on the old Radio Éireann of such happy memories. It was then that I realised that the human voice is possibly the greatest and most sublime of all musical instruments and that there is no need to understand every word or even any word to delight in it.

Komai Chronicles

This same melody supplied the musical accompaniment for a holiday song called The Land Beside the Sea that was used in the Breton production of The Christmas Revels.

Jeffrey Howard

Don't know any Gaelic at all but one thing I do know is that it in all its dialects it is one of the most beautiful languages put to music

Loic Cheveau

Breton and Welsh were very close to each other 1300 years ago or so. But they've changed, each one individually without contact with each other, so they've become very different.

George Walsh

i have to agree with you Patrick. so moving 2 hear such a song sung in this way.

Jade Tiger

+Patrick Tobin You understand some of it right, Welsh and Breton used to be common Brythonic ?


I remember this song from many years ago, quite lovely!


Даже в 2021 это звучит восхитительно

Marino Polo Rivas

how much magic there are in celtic and breton music and how much unknown are , is amazing , so ld and so complicated harmonys

Joss Kervick

Spirit and soul of Bretons gone by .... superb interpretation

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