Down In The Willow Garden
The Chieftains Lyrics

[Featuring: Bon Iver]

Down in the willow garden
Where me and my true love did meet,
It was there we were courtin',
My love fell off to sleep.

I had a bottle of burgundy wine,
My true love she did not know.
It was there I murdered that dear little girl
Down on the banks below.

I drew my saber through her,
It was a bloody knife,
I threw her into the river,
It was an awful sight.

My father often told me
That money would set me free
If I would murder that poor little girl
Whose name was Rose Connelly.

Now he stands at his cabin door,
Wiping his tears from his eyes,
Gazing on his own dear son,
Upon the scaffold high.

My race is run beneath the sun,
The devil is waiting for me,
For I did murder that dear little girl
Whose name was Rose Connelly.

Writer(s): Paddy Moloney, Charlie Monroe Copyright: Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music, Chrysalis Music Ltd.

Contributed by Ruby S. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

💋Love Iver was here as herself💋

I’m pretend camping
Bon Iver
In theory camping W/ me 😂
I go 2 bed W/
Justin Vernon each evening
It’s beautiful!
He’s basically my King of all Kings in My Story♾💌
I have fallen 4 him like no other♾💌
It’s impossible 2 deny♾💌

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The music director for the Fargo season is outstanding. They seem at the top of their game. This tune was a perfect fit for the closing song. Sublime TV. Love the comments here too. Jaime's quote gave me the chills.

mags _

@Mark Issac I agree with you. I had a really hard time with season 3. This past season with Chris Rock was a great one

Bitter Buffalo

@Mark Issac season 3 was great! They're all great. It was just different. Can't expect them all to be the same.

Mark Issac

Samritpal Singh too bad season 3 of Fargo was a bit shit.

Season 2 was the greatest thing on television.

Dudu Zhao

couldn't be more agreed


SpikeBlighty Fits because the Coen Brothers second film "Raising Arizona" featured a character singing this song to a baby. Carter Burwell referenced it in the soundtrack.

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I looked up this song because hearing it gave me this safe, peaceful feeling.

And jesus I was wrong.

Parth Yadav

i love your comment. hahha

jordan hicks

Oh what joy it is to be innocent



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