The Chieftains Lyrics

My heart was warm with family love, as I slipped into a chair
Beside my Uncle John my daughters 'cross the table there
I'd walked the docks in misty rain; a pain was in my legs
But I'd seen the dream of kinsmen in the boats of Killybegs

The ban'er of my Uncle and my daughters filled the air
And the Donegalers next to us were glad that we were there
I was kind of quite listening out the window ledge
For the music of the harbour, the birds of Killybegs
Down the coast not far was Galway, planned the joys from Connemara
After supper and a sleep, we would be going there tomorra'
I worried if my words would ere be sung by Irishmen
Or rot here on the docks, like the fish of Killybegs

A radio was playin' though we never heard a word
For the rhythm of the music was familiar if absurd
A hearkening intensity for silence did I beg
Oh what a song was playing in the air of Killybegs

I couldn't quite believe it for it sounded rather strange
The instruments were different and the key had been changed
I reached to turn the volume up, then teeter on my leg
A girl from Tipperary sang my song in Killybegs

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tom canterbury

on North Amerikay

the great accapella version by kevin on tribute to their harpist