My Lagan Love
The Chieftains Lyrics

Where Lagan streams sing lullabies
There blows a lily fair.
The twilight gleam is in her eye,
The night is on her hair.
And like a lovesick lenashee
She hath my heart in thrall.
No life have I, no liberty,
For love is Lord of all.

And often when the beetles horn
Has lulled the eve to sleep,
I'll steal into her sheiling lorn
And through the doorway creep.
There on the cricket's singing stone,
She makes the bogwood fire
And sings in sweet and undertone,
The song of hearts desire.

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Written by: Traditional, Paddy Maloney, Van Morrison

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Where Lagan stream sings lullaby
There blows a lily fair
The twilight gleam is in her eye
The night is on her hair
And like a love-sick lennan-shee
She has my heart in thrall
Nor life I owe nor liberty
With love is lord of all.And sometimes when the beetle's horn
Hath lulled the eve to sleep
I steal unto her shielding lorn
And through… And sometimes when the beetle's horn
Hath lulled the eve to sleep
I steal unto her shielding lorn
And through the dooring peep.
There on the cricket's singing stone,
She spares the bogwood fire,
And hums in sad sweet undertones
The song of heart's desireThe song of heart's desire.

Kathy Lynn Lyons

From Song of Song's -straight out of the Bible:

The passion of love
bursting into flame
is more powerful than death
stronger than the grave
Love cannot be drowned
by Ocean's or Floods
it cannot be bought
no matter what is offered
(8.6b, 7)

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Angelica Luce

When I was a little girl, my grandmother Sarah would sing this song to me. She would take me on her knee, in front of a
blazing turf fire, the glow of an oil lamp - the wind howling outside - she would cradle me in her arms and sing this song to me. from her soul to mine.
My God - it's a memory that has never faded - I'm 72 now and it's as bright as yesterday.

Sussie Quinones

you make me imagine and feel that experience! thank you for share this deep remember :)

Christine Ryan

That's a beautiful story and memory!

Trog Lodyte


Guy Perry

fair play, Angelica!

Robyn Hunt

Thank you so sharing x

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I really love Sinead's version. This version is a completely different interpretation and is equally beautiful, unique and brilliant in it's own right.
Two fabulous versions of My Lagan Love...can't complain about that.


Lisa is totally haunting, it's suspended in time, time waits for ther when she rests on the end of a phrase, until she deems it right to go on.
Maybe you all know about it, but there is Kate Bush's rendering. I worship her, and that's how I know the song's existence in the first place.
It is, again, totally different form Lisa and Sinead (and surely not for purists, as Kate's Brother rewrote the lyrics.)


@solis One cannot compare Lisa to Sinead. They are both legends in their own right. I love them both equally.

Morrigan Ravenchild

This is so goes deep into your soul.....

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