O'Sullivan's March
The Chieftains Lyrics


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My stepmother who passed away in may of last year was a Sullivan... She was descended of the famous American Civil War photographer, Timothy O'Sullivan. I play this in her sainted memory. Golden wings to you, mum!!!


Nice ! Too cool . Thanks for sharing


Sadly now Paddy Moloney has passed. God bless the souls of your mum and Paddy.


God bless you and all the great sullivans in America, when my beloved father died ten years ago, our friends Jimmy and Oliver sulliavan, buried him,they Bury,all the ould stock in the aichieant parish of lorrha in North tipperary,
If you guys are ever in Ireland, call in and say hello


My last name came from Anglo saxon

But I am an Irish woman thick and through


@@teresadownes2422 Gaels forever! I am of German-Polish stock, but life is strange. I've always felt a connection to Eire and Gaelige was one of the first languages I ever learned

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All love and respect from Mexico to Irish brothers and sisters and this beautiful music


Viva poncho villa from Ireland


El batallón de San Patricio


Love it, Gtsy

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