The Wedding
The Chordettes Lyrics

(Do you swear to
Love me forever and ever)

I do, I do, I swear to
Always love you (love you)
With all my heart and soul
(Heart and soul) forever and ever

I'll marry you (marry you)
And never go away (go away)
And we'll become as one (as one)
On our wedding day

We'll walk down the aisle
The preacher will smile
We'll make our life worthwhile

I'll say that I do
You'll say that you do too
And the priest will
Pronounce us man and wife

The memory (memory)
Will always be with me (with me)
As we exchange our vows (our vows)
On our wedding day

On our wedding day

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Comments from YouTube:


I love the Chordettes :3 <3 They have beautiful voices :"D I listen to their songs all the time :D 

Raúl Ernesto Guzmán Rodríguez

Me hubiese gustado estar en esa epoca hermosa con estos sones, seguro mi madre las escuchaba

Ann Milliette

One of my all time favorites by the Chordettes, Other than "Eddy my love" Hah.


Ok, I don't like the Chordettes...I LOVE THE CHORDETTES! Lol.

Sam Mac

I love to hear Janet Ertels voice, hope shes resting in piece

I like cats

One of my favorites to listen. Beautiful song.


@azw596 You're welcome! You will find a lot of harmony on this channel.

Carlos Gonzalez

I love the Chordettes!

Luis Frechilla Celorio

Increibles voces. Un poco de nostalgia en nuestras vidas nos hace valorar la nuestra actual

Rodolfo Perez

I won't forget this great group of girls - what a greater songs they sang. Not to mention the musical director Archie Bleyer. Thanks for this video-song

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