Business Woman
The Church Lyrics

Imagine her, all of her wealth
And in the arms of somebody else
I imagine her in bed
With her communication skills
Cabinet full of creams and pills
Paying the bills and beating the rent
You'll never understand
The wonderful mind of that woman
Powerful beauty in her eyes
Look at that business woman
She's got a head on her shoulders
Look at that business woman
She's not that much older than you

And she reveals inner soul
Stopped like the flutters in death's robe (Stock market flutters, index rolls)
When she reveals her secret life
All of the gifts come deep and swift
Promise her anything only if
You're going to have to leave your wife
She'll never understand
The wonderful mind of that woman
Beautiful power in her eyes


And when she comes the stars explode
Exquisite results in input mode
Just when she comes she's suddenly gone
Maybe you'll find her, maybe you won't
Maybe she loves you, baby she don't
Maybe you'll find that you are alone
You'll never comprehend
All of the means, all of the ends
Business woman in her eyes



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Comments from YouTube:

jean-marie Coste

may be my favourite church's song...

Kevin Gamble

I really like it too, and had the same "does not compute" reaction when I heard it on the album. But the story behind it helps it make sense. A similar case is the song "Forget the Radio" by Church guitarist Marty Willson-Piper - a superbly brilliant pop song, his most pop-friendly, and the message is "screw the radio".

Cal Crappie

Always liked this one.


This could have been The Church's greatest song. The verses and bridge are pure Church - majestic, mysterious, beautiful. But then comes that ridiculous, horrendous chorus that drags the song down. "Look at the business woman..." Boy, does that kill what was their greatest tune.

Butch Hodson

have they ever played this live?

wade sprynczynatyk

Nice 👍


She's a business woman, but I need to know if She Bangs the Drums

Veer Chasm

Is there a business woman discount for liking this song?


I don't feel their lyrics have plagued them at all. I do feel the lyrics to the chorus of this song sure do plague them. "Look at the business woman. She's got a head on her shoulders..." Good God. There is obviously some hidden irony there, but the words are so awkward and pedestrian. Just terrible. Completely kills what could have been their best song. If only this song had the "Constant In Opal" lyric approach. Man that would have been something.


But things like "He's got a head on his shoulders" is the stereotypical business-world speak, like "Welcome aboard", "bottom line", "That's a fine grip you've got there", and "Keep on keepin' on". It fits well.

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