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The Cinematic Orchestra Lyrics

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Andrew Houlyn

"Naturally I belonged to the bright and correct world, I was my parents’ child; but wherever I turned my eyes and ears, the other world was there and I lived in it too, even though it was often unfamiliar and uncanny to me".

― Hermann Hesse, Demian


why isn't this in spotify anymore?

Adam Chavez

Seriously! It's my favorite song by them....


I don't know why, but this song makes me seriously sad. Yet, i can't stop listening to it.

Ang Berry

Since everyone is sharing their 'When I close my eyes story' I thought I'd share mine too. Running through fields and finally getting to a hill and laying on top of it, staring at the blue sky and making out the shapes of the clouds.


That is why i love these kind of songs. You can get into your brain and imagine, FEEL. Great songs. If there would be a posibility to choose a soundtrack of your life I am pretty sure that I would choose one of Cinematic Orchestra`s songs :)


the singers voice is so beautiful that i'm almost moved to tears every time i hear it

omer kanzi

awesome track...thanks for the upload...cheers!


everytime i listen to this song, i close my eyes and imagine myself sitting in a cornfield in France somewhere, wearing a cotton shirt and straw hat, having a picnic with a cheese board and a glass of port with the girl of my my dreams :)


Came across this song on my computer today and remembered this comment 6 years later. Cheers man, hope you got to have that picnic with your dream girl :)

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