Let Me Die
The Classic Crime Lyrics

Tossed by the tempest of life
A victim of storms I contrive
I feel like the best is behind
And I can’t go back
The eye of the storm satisfies
I watch the chaos from inside
But the wind turns and I realize
That I can’t go back
So I go
Pressing on through the wind and the waves
If I drown let me go so that you can be saved
It don’t matter if people remember my name

I have lived
I have lived
Let me die

I fight against what lies beneath
It’s just my will against the sea
I’ve never been one to give in
Of all the virtues I have lacked
The need to fight has been my anchor
I could never ask for you to save me
No your will could never calm the seas I’m braving

Let me die
I have lived
I have lived
Let me die


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"Tossed by the tempest of life. A victim of storms I contrive." How real is that. The classic crime never fails to give great lyrics.

Michael Truelsen

This song just saved my life.

The Zachariah Coss-Mattila

Well it makes me want to take mine 😂😂

Nathan Wicked

def my funeral song

xXDynamicXx | DGC Gaming Content

They may not be a "Christian Band", but they have proclaimed in several of their earlier songs that they are faithful Christians. Such as "Salt in the Snow" from "The Silver Chord" album.

Samuel Santos

oh My... years after years... And I cant get enough of them. It was the first song I heard. Then I decored all the others ❤

Noah Allen

I love this song. The lyrics are convicting. 

Selah Rebekah

I feel like all the other girls my age are listening to Nicki Minaj (whatever the crap her name is) Or Talyor swift and Katy Perry while I'm at my house rocking out and singing along to every word in The Classic Crime's songs. =]

efrain segura

Yo what are your thoughts now after seven years later?


This song is so epic. I can't stop listening!!!

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