The Classic Crime Lyrics

Sick with regret you sputter out
Your flame swallowed in doubt
Light the cigarette and take a breath,
The smoke inflates your chest and thins your blood so you bleed less inside

Left with the mess that came about
When you chose to live without out
On foreign shores you fight or die
Life's thrown before your eyes and leaves it's toll
On your calloused empty soul

How long, how long will we be desperately alone,
How long, how long?
How long, how long will we have to pay for what we've done, how long, how long?

"What we would give to feel alive!"
Through the fog a muffled cry,
"The anchor's lost and so am I,"
We fall victims to the tide
I'm free to drift and free to die on my terms now


Sick with regret you sputter out


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Elizabeth Horn

One thing i love about this bad is that you can listen and think it has a good beat then go back and truely listen to the lryics and find its true meaning. i love bands like that.


Many of us serving overseas feel that this song speaks to us. I am wondering how long we will have to pay for this war, in blood, marriages, children... The versus are written to perfection.

M Richardson

same here! and i agree w/crazyfreak1919 with respect to matt mcdonald (lead singer) being my favorite lyricist- along with matt theissen. this band's songs actually have meaning, different from most secular music today, which i love and value greatly.

Mosha Crew

it touches me every time i listen to it and it makes me think how much i love Jesus!


life changing

Charles Spencer

such a beautiful song!!!!!

John Caetano

such a message aye.

Shane Ritschard

this has to be one of the best cd's ever!!!!!!!!!!

John Caetano

Aww man good wording, Put it there!

Charles Spencer

I sware if the WMG takes off a single classic crime music peice then I'll scream and write angry letters lol

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