Salt In The Snow
The Classic Crime Lyrics

Give me wings give me peace
These are the things that I need
I'm tormented broken and shamed
Are you listening?
Give me shelter from the storm,
I know it's a lot to ask for
Considering how recent I've piled the dirt on your name
Are you listening?
Are you listening?
I have heard that winter's cold will give way to summer's warmth
Oh no! Like salt in the snow I'm melted and left all alone on the side of the road

In this where I am for your sake, between sleep and awake?
My mind is dreaming of things, are you listening?
I took you for granted again and threw you aside
And pretended for one minute that I had control of my life
And direction it seemed to be in
I was wrong again, are you listening?


I will wait for you to come again,
And I can't pretend like I'm confident
And I can't pretend like it makes much sense when it doesn't


[Repeat: x6]
on the side of the road

[Chorus: x2]


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Comments from YouTube:

Misty Lakhotia

I didn't even realize they were a Christian band until I scrolled down. I'm not Christian, but this music is too damn good.

Jacob Campbell

Listening during quarantine 2020 😫 this band saved my life


I loved this song before and I just heard it for the first time in years. its crazy how the mind can recall so many things, still know all the lyrics. score!

Justin David

AbigailThinks literally, just happened to me. Ive listened to them since 05-06. I love this song

I Bear

"The hear of man is bitter and weathered. Cold as the snow that falls from above, but just for one day we all came together to show the whole world..."

Natasha Bruner

I love this song and to me it means that you whatever you have been through... God will still be there for you. If u are reading this and is going through something, just remember that God loves you so much!

Scott Craywall

10 billion points to the first person who covers this on the piano. must be EPIC like the original.


This song makes me cry every single time I hear it. I guess it's just that "story of my life" moment...


man, this song is so beautiful. it moves me every time i listen to it. it's so powerful, i think even to non-christians, maybe. i always feel so hopeful when i listen to this song, and by the time the song is done, i always feel so much better. it's a really good message to anyone hurting out there and/or needs God. <3

Mary-anne Elizabeth

The classic crime is so over looked and not appreciated as much as they should be. They are a great band and I've loved them for years.

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