Do Your Thing
The Clean Lyrics

Do your thing
Do your thing

Always someone to put you down
Always someone to drag you out

Stuck in your head with lies
Stuck on your life

Just do your thing
Do your thing

You're so PC you're a hypocrite
You're just as real as the ideas you feel

Career crawling with no heart
When it removed this old part

Do your thing
Do your thing
Do your thing

You're not too young
You're not too old
You're not too weak
You're not too bold
Just do your thing

Contributed by Zachary H. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


Was always my favourite Clean song. Great bass line. Can't figure out why it didn't get as much exposure

Josh Brastad

Awesome defiant love song/ballad. The band at their most poignant

Marta Soechting

I wish I could cross my eyes so I could dance to this song!

Paul K

David Kilgour Rocks!

Brian Woods

The clean along with the chills New Zealand finest ( should be the world)

Kurt Morrison


Bullitt 1776

So fn great.

aaa aaa


jim jim



knocking on heaven's doors....think about it

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