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by The Clumsy Lovers

Amen (Chris Jonat)

Well I'm Jonathan Charles Henry Mckay
I've lived on this farm 30 years and a day
Some folks call me Junior but I don't like it that way
Since the storm of '90 when dad left to stay
Mom passed a year later couldn't bear being alone
It's going on ten years I been head of this home
Now I got me a wife and three boys of my own
I work hard, I live clean, I reap what I've sewn

Aint had rain to speak of in round near a year
Crops searching for water but there aint nothing near
We need something soon, but it won't come I fear
My children won't eat, wife'll run out of tears.
So I went to the back forty, said I needed the air
I walked past the fence, through the Johnson share
And when I made right sure no one followed me there
I got down on my knees, cried "Lord, do you care?"

Amen, Amen, Oh Lord, Amen, Amen

Next morning came early sleep still in my eyes
My eldest, John Three, he was the first to rise
He said, "Daddy come quick I got the biggest surprise"
We jumped to our clothes cause we realized
Could hear the rain pounding the patio door
And sneaking through cracks onto the kitchen floor
We danced in the yard til we could stand it no more
Then got down on our knees gave our thanks to the Lord

I sent the boys to their aunts, day before last
Yesterday morning told the wife "get there fast"
The water keeps rising it's already past
The roof of the house but I'm staying pat
Now I'm top of the tree where my daddy once climbed
And I'm thinking I'm done though it don't seem my time
I got living to do, business to mind
Wanna watch the boys grow, see the next in my line
And I can't bow down, cause there's no land for my knees
But I'm crying out loud now, I'm asking you please
Father have mercy, Jesus hear my pleas
Lord up in heaven I'm not ready to leave

Well I'm Jonathan Charles Henry Mckay
And I've lived on this farm my ten years and a day
Some folks call me Three but I don't like it that way
Since daddy done traded his own life for rain

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