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The Commonwealth Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by The Commonwealth:

Heartaches by the Number Now I′ve got heartaches by the numbers Troubles by the score…
Jingle Jangle Jingle Yippie yay There'll be no weddin' bells for today 'Cause I …
Jingle, Jangle, Jingle Yippie yay There'll be no weddin' bells for today 'Cause I …
Mr. Sandman Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream (bung, bung, bung, bung) Make…
Red I jumped straight at it when I had the chance I…
Right or Wrong Right or wrong I′ll be with you I'll do what you…
Sh-Boom Hey, nonny, ding, dong Alang, alang, alang Boom ba-doh, ba-d…
Till the End of Time Till the end of time Long as stars are in the…

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Comments from YouTube:

CSC Global Alumni

Good summary as to what the Commonwealth and the Commonwealth Charter is about. Commonwealth values empower all member nations to be the best versions of themselves and make a positive leadership impact by sharing the same common values.


A brief but quite informative video about this powerful conglomeration. Thank you very much.

Edwyn Valence

A great organisation, helps to promote peace and democracy throughout the world.

Marin Burban

j'ai beaucoup aimé la video bisous bisous les copains

Regis Franchi

J'ai aimé la vidéo

Amanda Jore

j'aimé la vidéo*

99.9 percent

Shouldn't it be called
'Very few Wealth' instead...


Thank you


India should leave this colonial throw back organisation asap so that UK and Royals can pretend they like the commonwealth countries - better still have similar organisation but with no west or UK Royals involved

Sam Dickson

The Commonwealth is a free association of democratic countries. You can leave or stay it’s entirely your choice.

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