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Blood & The Night
The Commonwealth Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by The Commonwealth:

Heartaches by the Number Now I′ve got heartaches by the numbers Troubles by the score…
Jingle Jangle Jingle Yippie yay There'll be no weddin' bells for today 'Cause I …
Jingle, Jangle, Jingle Yippie yay There'll be no weddin' bells for today 'Cause I …
Mr. Sandman Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream (bung, bung, bung, bung) Make…
Red I jumped straight at it when I had the chance I…
Right or Wrong Right or wrong I′ll be with you I'll do what you…
Sh-Boom Hey, nonny, ding, dong Alang, alang, alang Boom ba-doh, ba-d…
Till the End of Time Till the end of time Long as stars are in the…

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Mods and creations like this are kind of bittersweet in a way. They can show you that the Commonwealth is a place worth saving, full of folks trying to get by, that your efforts will ultimately mean something long term. While also pointing out, by often finding them dead, that no matter how badass your character is you can't save everyone. Love the effort put into it, regardless, really well done.

Patrick Moody

I love how Lily is so innocent. It's almost charming compared to the other characters in FO4. It's like having another Moira.

John Murcott

Or Curie


Honestly Lily the way we all should be to eachother

Knight Sans

One of my favorite characters already.

anco visser

@The Gaming Paladin wel actualy radiation raises the chance of getting cancer so its not that weird

The Gaming Paladin

Lily was in many ways like Moira it seems, except that Moira lives out her days in Megaton where she is safe, meanwhile Lily was plucked from the world early from cancer, which you would think that cancer wouldnt exist in an irradiated world, but i guess it can still thrive.

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Jesse Caswell

"And Carla can sign your junk." I laughed to hard at that.

Jesse Caswell

@Brian S. too years later, i really don't care. it's strange that you do on an obvious typeo

Brian S.


The word "to" is a "preposition", while the word "too" denotes the intensity of something.

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