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Make It Fit
The Commonwealth Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by The Commonwealth:

Heartaches by the Number Now I′ve got heartaches by the numbers Troubles by the score…
Jingle Jangle Jingle Yippie yay There'll be no weddin' bells for today 'Cause I …
Jingle, Jangle, Jingle Yippie yay There'll be no weddin' bells for today 'Cause I …
Mr. Sandman Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream (bung, bung, bung, bung) Make…
Red I jumped straight at it when I had the chance I…
Right or Wrong Right or wrong I′ll be with you I'll do what you…
Sh-Boom Hey, nonny, ding, dong Alang, alang, alang Boom ba-doh, ba-d…
Till the End of Time Till the end of time Long as stars are in the…

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Comments from YouTube:


Excellent video. Loved the rose gun,the Quincy remnants. The whole vibe,the look of the Manor,its amazing. Uniforms are spot on,everyone is complaining about raiders,and the fact your setlers raided your own store and you cant find the display gun has me laughing so hard. A boring building video people say? Nay,even the slowest of your vids is an adventure unto itself!!

Oliver S

I like to think I keep things a tad interesting... I should really have anticipated the immaculate display of guns getting stolen! One day I will learn. Today... is not that day! I managed to recover the display STG, but I cannot for the life of me find who stole the other one. Some say I'm still looking for him to this day...

Megan Frank

I love the police outfits. They look fantastic. Keep up the great work Oliver. You're sure making the Minutemen proud. 😊

Megan Frank

@Oliver S Absolutely! With your hard work and dedication to helping the people of the entire Commonwealth, it'll be reformed and thriving.

Oliver S

Eventually the entire commonwealth will be reformed!

Mr. Gerz

Remnant name ideas:
Thomas Holmes and James Bloomfield.
Thomas and James lived in a settlement along lake Erie in what was once the state of Ohio. After hearing of the original Minutemen from rumors combined with already large raider clans in the area, they would imagrate to the Commenwelth. After arriving and joining up both would rise in Minutemen. Due to James having to deal with raiders and troublemakers from a young age he would be offered a place in a group of scouts, where he excelled and became a Lieutenant. One of the reasons being his rifle passed down for years, his dad refered to it with Joel's return. Thomas grew up not having to deal with many fights but delt with more problems like their family. When Thomas finally learned how to use a gun James gave them an old revolver they found scavenging, the revolver known as "up to you" became feared in the eyes of the commenwelth Raiders and Gunners. Thomas wasn't the best in a fight but was more disciplined than many Minutemen. Thomas joined a group of Minutemen to defend settlements and keep raiders from leaving their strongholds. Both eventually joined up with Colonel Holosus group after the death of General Joe Becker. Both saw the fighting in Quincy and fought as best they could. Thomas kept the moral in check with the group as James took shots at gunners who tried to get close to the perimeter. Eventually a member of the group defected and helped the gunners take the town. After Quincy James and Thomas became guards at bunker hill. After word of the Minutemen reestablishing itself Thomas would check it out. Once word that Jamaica Plains had been rebuilt and defended itself from Quincy gunners, Thomas and James joined back up along with others from the battle of Quincy. James became a Lieutenant once again and Thomas became a Sargent.

minuteman medic

I have an idea for a Quincy remnant. His name is chris kayle he was a former gunner sniper and . When the gunners attacked Quincy he refused and then his commanding officer shot him and left him to die . But the minuteman saved him and ever since then he hunts gunners and he stays with the Quincy remnants .

Oliver S

I do love the idea of have some former gunner-turned minutemen soldiers to accompany the Quincy Remnants, especially those with a vendetta like this one! Got to keep that one in mind, and I can embellish a few little details in that one too!

Captain bax

Great video one of my favourite fallout YouTubers. Just a quick question what is you mod list?

Oliver S

Thank you very much! Very much appreciated, plenty more where that came from!

My mod list is in the description, and included almost all of the ones which actually work - bear in mind though the list was made in 2019 so some may or more not be available anymore, or may have compatibility issues (As I don’t update my game to prevent them breaking)

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