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If I Stay Too Long
by The Creation

Walking up to your street
Rehearsing everything I'll say
I know I'll say it different,
Or at least another way.

So if I stay too long
It's 'cause I need ya.

Hope that you won't make me cry
Like you did the other night (do you remember?)
People stopped and stared at me
As if I wasn't right (don't worry).

If I stay too long
It's 'cause I want ya (yes I do)

I'm nearly to your door now
Oh, my heart beats so inside
I hope that you will see me
I ain't gonna take it for a ride (no I won't)

If I stay too long
It's 'cause I love ya (you know I do)

Oh now! If I stay too long
(You know) it's 'cause I loves ya

Now we're sitting hand in hand,
So relax, I'm feeling fine
I gotta hear it from your lips,
Will I forget about the time?

(Oh, will you say) if I stay too long
Now, now, don't be worried...
(And will you say) if I stay too long
Now don't be worried about a thing...

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