A Story Untold
The Crew Cuts Lyrics

Crew Cuts

Well here in my heart, there's a story untold
of a girl who left me standing, standing in the cold
and since she's been away
I've never had a happy day

I hope and I pray, that she'll hear my plea
and maybe someday, she'll come back to me
for, here in my heart, there's a story untold

For all you've said and done
you said we'd be as one
but darling I found I was wrong
but what did you do,
right from the start
you made of fool of me and then you broke my heart well

I hope and I pray, that she'll hear my plea
and maybe someday, she'll come back to me
For, here in my heart, there's a story untold

A story, story untold

From: russ gould

Writer(s): L. Griffin Copyright: Three Wise Boys Music LLC

Contributed by Hudson I. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Mārtiņš Vanags-Duka

I'm 15 and i absolutely love this kind of music. All these masterpieces are worth a lot more views and a lot more respect! The real music will never come back again...

Meme Station

I’m 12 and I listen to this all day and it makes me cry


@Mārtiņš Vanags-Duka I was going to ask the same thing about any changes. I say that because my son was born in 1989 and he grew up listening to Pearl Jam and had most all their CDs. Now he is 32 and says " I cant believe I listened to that kind of music like Peral Jam"
It is sort of like my dad. He was born 1935 ( passed 2018) and the music he listened to is....... well pretty much forgotten now.
I go to estate auctions and always buy up every vinyl record I can buy. I have a room which I call the "music room" It looks pretty much like a vinyl record store (back in the day) and I have around 3,000 records. Majority of them 1950s-1960s. However, I do have shellacs from early 1900s and Lps up to the early 90s.
I was born in 1962 and I love listening to 1950s-1960s music. My favorites are Doo-Wop, Rockabilly to Blues. I listen to it all.
Yeah, you are right, this kind of music is slowly leaving us


@Mārtiņš Vanags-Duka That’s great to hear, I honestly prefer this music over what’s popular nowadays by a long shot.

Mārtiņš Vanags-Duka

@actavisthedoctor it's weird that someone asked. A lot has changed, it's been 7 years, you know. But I'd still say the music is just as good to my ears as it was back then. It's unfortunate that less and less people listen to these oldies. That way, stuff like this will become forgotten by the majority. But, I guess that's just the wind of change..


Well, you’re 22 now, any reconsideration?


Long time since we heard them, but my sister always thought they were a dangerous looking crew.....great fun in memories.

Joseph Kane

Another Timeless Classic Hit Single from 1955 as it is By The Crew Cuts as it is called A Story Untold

Jesse Tinoco

👍excellent 50s sound.

Gregory Miller

For those young people listening to this song the trumpets are muted which creates the high whistling sound. Big Band influence is heavy with this song!

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