Gum Drop
The Crew Cuts Lyrics

Gum drop, gum drop
Gum drop, gum drop

In a candy shop around the corner
I met a little gal and she's a goner
I looked at her, she looked at me
I stole a kiss and ooh, wee

My heart starts beating
(Gum drop, gum drop)
Lips kept repeating
(Gum drop, gum drop)

Looks so fine
Makes you know she's mine
Gum drop, gum drop

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Gum drop, gum drop
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Gum drop, gum drop
So good, so good
Good down to the last drop

She's my sugar and spice
(Gum drop, gum drop)
Everything nice
(Gum drop, gum drop)

She's my peaches and cream
(Gum drop, gum drop)
Candy man's dream
(Gum drop, gum drop)

Puts me on a cloud
Makes me holler out loud
(Gum drop, gum drop)

[Repeat CHORUS]

Da da da da da...

Honey don't care about the money
I spent for the presents I buy
She just wants a honey

[Repeat CHORUS]

Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Gum drop

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Comments from YouTube:


1950's, a kid in the neighborhood, whom I didn't know well, suggested I come to his home and listen to his new record he was excited about. I went. On the little record player he spun "Gum Drop". That was for me, an early teen guy. my intro to something "Pop" that "rocked". A little surprise then, and a lasting memory since. Music is forever. Good post. Thanks.

Tim Evans

Still have the 45! My favorite of many great tunes by the Crew Cuts!

Joseph Kane

Just A Truly great hit single from the Crew Cuts as it is called Gum Drops as it was a sizeable hit single for them in the USA


I know! They're music is phenomenal and very underated.

Daniel Hayes

This one is better at "Kicking Out The Jams" than "Sshboom".

Alfred Kloos

I had this record.


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Sarah nez


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