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You're such a strange girl
I think you come from another world
You're such a strange girl
I really don't understand a word
You're such a strange girl
I'd like to shake you around and around
You're such a strange girl
I'd like
To turn you
All upside down
You're such a
Strange girl
The way you look like you do
You're such a strange girl
I want
To be with you

I think I'm falling
I think I'm falling in

I think I'm falling in love with you
With you

Overall Meaning

The lyrics to The Cure's song The Perfect Girl are about a person who is enamored with a girl who seems to be from another world. The singer of the song is intrigued and attracted to this girl, but at the same time, he cannot understand her. The girl is described as a "strange girl," and the singer expresses his desire to "shake her around and around" and "turn her all upside down." Despite this, he also wants to be with her and feels himself falling in love with her.

The song's lyrics express a mix of attraction, confusion, and desire. The singer is interested in the girl, but he is also intimidated by her apparent differences. He wants to understand her and connect with her, but he is not sure how. At the same time, he is falling in love with her, and the song's intensity builds towards its conclusion.

The song's lyrics are introspective and honest, and they capture the complex feelings that can arise when someone is attracted to someone who they cannot fully understand or relate to. The Perfect Girl is a classic example of The Cure's unique style, which blends rock and pop with introspective and emotional lyrics.

Line by Line Meaning

You're such a strange girl
You possess qualities and exhibit behavior that is uncommon, peculiar or unusual.

I think you come from another world
Your unique nature is such that it is difficult for me to understand or relate to you, it's like you belong to a different dimension or alternate reality.

I really don't understand a word
I find it hard to decipher your true intentions, thoughts, and feelings as you seem to be an enigma or mystery to me.

I'd like to shake you around and around
I am compelled to confront you and try to force you to reveal the truth and your real self, even if it means shaking you out of your comfort zone.

I'd like to turn you all upside down
I wish to challenge your beliefs, values and worldview, and push you to consider new perspectives or unconventional ideas.

The way you look like you do
Your physical appearance and the way you carry yourself is noticeable, drawing attention and making you stand out from the crowd.

I want to be with you
I crave your company, presence and unique qualities as they intrigue and fascinate me.

I think I'm falling
I realize that my growing attraction and interest in you are becoming more intense and deep-seated.

I think I'm falling in love with you
I am acknowledging the fact that my feelings have evolved into a romantic kind of love for you.

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Written by: Boris Williams, Laurence Andrew Tolhurst, Porl Thompson, Robert James Smith, Simon Gallup

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I like the Mareux version 100% more


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@@zzzach973 true but I would of expected the cure to sound like mareux version or close to it because it’s the cure LMAOAO


@@allaboutbeebo4092 but the cure doesn't do techno, or do they?

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I didn’t even know this was the original, I love both versions


Me too


I'm happy that you were blessed to listen to the original version! Robert Smith is a brilliant songwriter and artist. He's a legend. If you haven't listened to much of the cures catalog and I encourage you to do so


PS who made a cover of it send me a link please.. I'd like to listen to it .. I love music of course and I love sharing music as well.

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