Everybody's Jumpin'
The Dave Brubeck Quartet Lyrics

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Michael Zc

16/11/2019: one more month at that steady pace and i'm done with the year, i might leave my glasses at the desk and go for a little walk.


drums are absoulty killing this


probably a compliment to Joes drumming.

Mark M

What do you mean?

Hekmat Adam

that whole album is just fire…… but on here I love Paul Desmonds saxophone performance so much!!!!! god bless all of them


Choose heroes carefully. I'm grateful to Dave Brubeck for being one of my heroes: a gentleman of integrity, education, ethics, culture, and grace. RiP Mr. Brubeck, and thank-you for your influence.

Michael Hughes

Joe Morello!


My arms hurt just listening to those piano triplets.

Alice M.

The whole album is a beautiful jazz masterpiece, timeless and full of character. Reminds me of summer holidays. One of the best albums ever ❤️


ba do ba do bet dooo
ba do ba do bet dooo

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