Strange Meadow Lark
The Dave Brubeck Quartet Lyrics

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Alec Chambers

Rest easy, Dave. Take five and thank you for the great music.

Kenny's Birthday

@Jaden Dixon Yeah. He died back in December of 2012

Jaden Dixon

is he dead?

George Fuller

could not stop listening to this when I was seven ... I'm 63 now ,,geo

Glenn Hecker

Can't say that I blame you! It's absolutely gorgeous.

Ewiger Schüler

I listened to this in the womb. Boy was I having a blast (not my mother though, hehe)!!

Eddie Harper

My aunt Ñico would have Saturday night gatherings at her vast apartment on Intervale Avenue where she and her friends discussed politics and the arts over ice cold Rheingold beers washing down huge steaming bowls of homemade asopao. No evening was complete without a mild disagreement, a belly full of Boricua cuisine and Nina Simone, Miles & Gerry and Mr Brubeck to make everything just right.
Thanks, Dave.
Goodnight, sweet prince.
Te amo.


me too

Hanszl H

i'm 73 , and certain i'll be listening to this stuff still when i'm a-hundred-and-three , if not on youtube just off my old scratchy lp , who/whichevver crumbles first ....


This one is perfect for a slow saturday morning, I feel like melting into my pillow

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