Be Straight With The Kids
The Dead Pets Lyrics

Split personality, lots of anxiety, trying to cope with my reality,
Problem child screaming 'Someone help me',

Be straight with the kids and they'll be straight with you,
Understand the kids and they'll understand you,
Respect the kids and they'll respect you,
And then you won't regret what you didn't do,
No you won't regret what you didn't do,
Mum and Dad I'm talking to you,
I said you won't regret what you didn't do,
And this what I'm telling you

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Neil Guy Lindberg

I did the sound for/with these guys when they played at CSUMB. I've done a lot of running listening to this music since then. Good stuff!


I'd give a leg and an arm and an eye to see this band live. Glad I finally found them.


Seen them live a number of occasions shame they split up and Sweeney moved to America.

Gary Douglass

Wasted morcambe and four lane ends social club 2 of my best memories of the dead pets. Fuckin class live Sweeney and the lads class for a pint with you after as well. Mint lads

Garry Sutcliffe

documentary8 was that at the shiraz gig

Scrubs R/C

RichterPhallos they were mint, had a kid on stage telling rude jokes between songs. better than the headliners

Sam W

Sweeney diving backwards headfirst off amps into pit at joes well leeds what show! gigs were brutal back then

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Steve Moberly

Saw these guys with Flogging Molly and The Briggs. Amazingly unforgettable.

Gary Douglass

Never forget them Seen them 6 or more times. Keep their music playing Fkn class 👌👌

Jonny Fallon's Stereo Sounds

HD version of this is here -
and their first album is here -

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