The Dead Pets Lyrics

It's a vicious circle of life,
And it's full of trouble and strife,
Catch 22,
What you gonna do?
Are you gonna give up or are you gonna come through?
So what you gonna do?
Cos decision time has come,
You've gotta pull through,
It's like they always say,
There is worse off than you,
It's that last thing you wanna hear,
But you know it's true,
So don't do it for them,
Do it for you.

One step forwards, two steps back,
Find five quid then you owe ten back,
One step forwards, two steps back,
You get a job then you get the sack.

Contributed by Carson L. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Stonnie Dennis

Are you a fan of my training style, but can’t travel to Kentucky to see me in person? No worries! I offer an awesome online dog training course, which includes access to an array of exclusive videos and content, personalized coaching, journaling, and in-depth mentoring and evaluation by yours truly! If you just need some an advice or have a couple questions you need answered, I also offer professional consulting by the hour.

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A Facere

Stonnie: "It's over Anakin, I have the high ground."
Anakin: "You underestimate my power."


Uncle Stonnie, that was 15 minutes of pure learning for the dogs, and us! Many thanks for sharing.

Stonnie Dennis

I'm glad you liked it!

Mitch Ryder

Stonnie’s always got beautiful backgrounds in his videos, but he’s outdone himself in this one. Wow…living the life!

Ian Hardcastle

Anyone else spot Pete’s big yawn and shake just after he sat down? His way of saying “OK, you win...” .

Ten Plus

Love when you said “there’s an inverse relationship between anxiety and exercise!” Used that line on a couple family members today. What a life man!! Got myself an L45 Kubota. Don’t know about that Deere 😂 jk

Ten Plus

@Dogsense Foru great content. Love his channel. You too! Have a great day!!

Dogsense Foru

@Ten Plus ❤ you 💯! TBH had a 'moment' with a human today (I reined it in but stewed for hours!)... I need to take that love/lack of judgement over from dogs to humans (my issue!). Personally loved Stonnie's video on 'Best Dog in the World'. All peace and power to you! Blessings!

Ten Plus

@Dogsense Foru I have 3 Pitbulls, cats, pigs, everything. The hardest beings to motivate are definitely family and friends. Agree 100%

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