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The Dells Lyrics

Maserati petal mashing
While I’m digital dashing
Swerving but never crashing
Heard this shit and knew it was classic
Ferrari horses gallop
Riding through the city vamping
Posted with my lawyer bitch
Who’s looking like an exotic dancer
I got the advantage
These rappers poison
Dropping audio cancer
Saucing on the track
My linguine fancy
Fettuccini branded
Single handed
Grinding up indica
In a bleached bambi
Add the funnel just to enhance it
Bout to set the standard
Tucking money just to expand it
I use words as weapons
It should be expected
When I come
And take over your section
Not the one to mess with
Only godly cuz of all his blessings
You too busy texting these bitches
They still don’t feel your message
When I rap to hoes
It be silk sheets and linen textures
That should let you know who’s better
In any weather I’m dripping
And even sunny
She’s getting wetter
Flyer than helicopters
With 20 propellers
Stacking lettuce

You ain’t really bout your money nigga
I can tell, I can tell
Said you aint really bout your money nigga
I can tell, I can tell

I had the fendi button up
But I decided to cash it
These niggas think
They got the swag
Ain’t ever seen em swag shit
Pull up with a bad bitch
It makes these bitches mad quick
Same time when
You with the squad
You know they on your dick
Just the life that we leading
Some fly niggas
That’s incredibly genius
You know they seen it
Cuz the aura gleaming
I been with the same team
Other niggas switch they squads Up
For different reasons
Changing up bros
Like the seasons
Get it by any means
I feel you nigga
But staying down just
Makes the come up
Even sweeter nigga
Life comes back
When you come up
Off leaching nigga
End up prematurely deceased
And six feet deep my nigga
I know how it is in them streets
We all can eat my nigga
Rapping heavy plates
You can feast my nigga
Let’s spread the wealth
If you apply yourself
Than you should know
That I’m willing to help
But if you lazy
I can’t fuck with you
Cuz you won’t help yourself
You ain’t bout ya paper
You can step round somewhere else

You ain’t really bout your money nigga
I can tell, I can tell
Said you aint really bout your money nigga
I can tell, I can tell

Sayless Shit, Shwealth Shit

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Written by: Randall Chandler

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Every Dells track is worth a rating and this is no exceptions......blinding harmonies!!!


this is a song that speaks volumes for those relationships that endure, persevere, and overcome the adversities, trials, hardships, obstacles in life that come along to TEST the genuiness of true, heartfelt, LOVE. I thank God that I was sent a special woman who "hung" in there with me while "I went through my womanizing changes". My life is dedicated to bringing her joy and happiness-because she "stayed in my corner".


The Mighty Dells (1952 - 2012) 60 Years of Musical Excellence: '2004 NAACP Image Award'
2004 Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Inductees
2004 Vocal Group Hall of Fame - 1991 R&B 'Pioneer Award. - Doo wop Hall of Fame Award.
'Soul of American Music Award'
"OH What A Night" ( EMMY) 'The 5 Heartbeats' based on The Dells tumultuous career.
Number (11) in the top (100) Greatest Vocal Groups
Long live The Mighty Dells ..... Marvin Junior, Verne Allison,
Michael 'Mickey' McGill, Johnnie Carter, Charles Barksdale.

patricia russell

Nobody can do it like this but The Dells. Most unforgettable. 2 good 2 be 4 gotten.

James Smart

Hello Patricia how are you doing today

Colin Brown

Love the Dells.

Deborah Patterson

SOLID GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deborah Patterson

The DELLS have been SOLID GOLD since day one.

James Smart

Hello Deborah how are you doing today


Forget the lyrics.  The harmony and dynamics are killer!

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