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"Everyone knows that you are fucked up
And everyone knows that I am fucked up
But, does everyone know
That you are more fucked up than me?"

"Cierra los ojos bien
Y solamente pide un deseo
Porque tu madre y tu padre dicen
Que yo soy un maleante de la calle"

Overall Meaning

In the song "Darling I Know" by The Dells, the lyrics depict a complex relationship between two individuals who are both acknowledging their own personal struggles. The opening lines, "Everyone knows that you are fucked up, And everyone knows that I am fucked up," clearly reveal their shared recognition of their own personal issues. It suggests a sense of transparency and honesty between them, where they are not trying to hide or deny their flaws.

However, the song takes an interesting turn with the question, "But, does everyone know that you are more fucked up than me?" This line suggests a certain level of competitiveness or comparison between the two individuals. It could be interpreted as a plea for acknowledgement or validation from each other, as if they are trying to measure and compare the extent of their brokenness.

The following lines in Spanish, "Cierra los ojos bien, Y solamente pide un deseo, Porque tu madre y tu padre dicen, Que yo soy un maleante de la calle," add another layer to the song's narrative. Translated to English, it means, "Close your eyes tightly, And only make a wish, Because your mother and father say, That I am a street thug." Here, the lyrics reveal conflicting perceptions or judgments from their families. It suggests that their families disapprove of their relationship, possibly due to one person being labeled negatively.

Overall, "Darling I Know" explores the complexities of a relationship where both individuals are aware of their personal struggles. The lyrics delve into the self-awareness and comparative nature of their flaws, while also touching upon external judgments from their families.

Line by Line Meaning

Everyone knows that you are fucked up
It is widely known and acknowledged that you have personal issues and struggles.

And everyone knows that I am fucked up
Similarly, it is common knowledge that I also have my share of personal issues and struggles.

But, does everyone know
However, is it a widespread understanding among people?

That you are more fucked up than me?
That your problems and challenges go beyond what I face?

Cierra los ojos bien
Close your eyes tightly

Y solamente pide un deseo
And only make one wish

Porque tu madre y tu padre dicen
Because your mother and father say

Que yo soy un maleante de la calle
That I am a street thug

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Written by: Alejandro Gabriel Angulo Rodriguez

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Comments from YouTube:


I’m 24, born in 97 and I love listening to these old songs. They were so real, and made you feel something. Wish more music was like this.


Same Here


There were a lot of music like this back in the days! You may find a lot on YouTube.😊




You know your music you have good taste in music music from the 60s 70s and 80s was good clean soulful music and great love songs.


Actually, the artists were severely mistreated and often suffered poverty and depression. Not so much "real" as masking a sinister existence. Sorry to burst your bubble. They are no doubt beautiful songs, but the history of many of them is tragic.

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It warms my heart to hear all the complements on this version of Oh What a Nite. One of the voices is my dad Johnny Funches. Who passed away Jan 1998. RIP Daddy, RIP Johnnie Carter and RIP Marvin Junior Sr. s


Honestly this songs is so touching I can’t even be able to quit on listening to it Any way I’m Johnson George it’s nice to meet you for the first time I hope your don’t mind if we can talk more about this lovely song and get to know each other well


I know he is missed. This song made many a boy and girl fall in love. God keep you.


So grateful to your dad and the other grateful. xo.

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