Kickin' Back
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Evan Pragliola

Wow this is gold

RaVen DaWn

Wow, this is Monmouth County, my buddy's sister, Flo has a basement studio where the Boss and the Big Man and the E Street Band used to tool around, getting some demos on tape and still playing gigs at The Stone Pony, (where many including The Amboy Dukes {Ted Nugent}, Linda Ronstadt and so many who were just branding) they came to play where anything goes on stage and brawls and biker gatherings were often the happening, "just a shot away" from Convention Hall, another underrated venue, every A list star of that time knew about it Skynyrd and Heart, Trower and Black Sabbath were as common as macing the lines. Cops on horseback, clubs and scars, ahh yes, the bars back then had nothing to do with the power left on your Android, ugh; nah it was a time of casual danger and rights of passage, where many of us, ran wild, and I miss the organic quality of "catch me if you can" now has sunken to the camera at the lights has you filmed and every situation that used to bring us all into warmth, change personal and revolution, all that was given up for mostly a digital convenience, so Here Am I, a bit of hypocrisy that I love mining for great stuff on YT. I do miss the days of blasting my Allmans and my Doors, tripping on ten doses of Mr. Natural and baiting the police to chase me into the Pine Belt dirt roads, where they never would go in too far; and all the loads drove quietly by... not so much mystery as it was a bit of payoff and the passion for grain when I know who made it. Sex, drugs and music saved more than many; perhaps drove a few to accept our own madness, make some changes, well mine were front page news and I hear this play, it takes me back to a time, when stadiums had no reason to be empty, and my paranoia makes me fear; my fear makes me paranoid. I will make out when I take out my assassins. That there is a burnt scar on the bloody sun, be ready to fight, I've no way to run, and say it clear, say it once, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, and I'll kill what's in my way. Hallalujah, amen.... suck my wake and namaste. I am grateful for those days and as well for your ikoiko95 , the road I used to abuse from the Glades up through the top of the east coast, my thumb and my junker cars, my '59 Sportstar 750 well it was my Uncle Sam's; I love these moments as will never likely be possible again; yes, it is this moment forth and there is not "remember when" in this Brave New World. For you iko... with appreciation. ~Chief RaVen DaWn~ of the renegade Weamaconk, now gone global with a call to all Ladinos, that we have joined and signed up a number of tribes, from Ashanti to Aztec, Sephardic Ladino Gypsy, and all welcomed as being in it to preserve culture; using our combined assets to leverage Accord and fair policy -that which allows for freedom of culture; that we need not all become colonial mentality. Meanwhile, I shudder to think what would have been the present fate of the US and the World Economy, if not for President Trump and how much he managed to pump up the markets and balance the trade deals, we would have a complete loss of what system we use, and even I, a man from the woods, a feral youth, I am grateful for having something to build on. I am not able to behave laid back, yet many in this world have kicked and we are definitely kicking back, savvy that. Every word has its own life, hallelujah, amen, rollin' and tumblin'... the maze is alive and the minotuars are here, their hunger for our souls, just rumbling like a runaway train on shaky tracks, we only look back to see what's coming. The missiles are hot and yet, humanity would be its own enemy, here and now, in this Brave New World. Savvy that. Beyond this point, matey, there be monsters. Sail on... layered in and down as being not for the eyes of the timid. I have not published this Triad, as it has been sold at auction, the original ink writing, and the rights as well; performed only a few times, shared with hopeful feeling, that truth reforms us, and we may survive the healing. Cures what ails you, if'n it don't kill you first. "Strange Brew", burns so blue. Ahh, yes tales of life and prophecy. Be well, truly.
... from 2015

"Glass Globe Dreams"
Sunrise bleeds the day to come.
Glass clouds shatter and rain
Shards of broken dreams
We live within.

I wake up, sinew and sweat
All through my clothes.
Ragged horse about to fall,
Take me ten more miles;
Dustball town.

Seen my tombstone
The ground torn apart to plant
This garden grave of nameless drifters.
Wasted boots upon the sunny hill.
Killers love. Lovers kill.
Nobody admits the obvious.

I climb up, ride the Gray Mare
Long since breath has left her,
To the edges where desert was beach
To the misty ocean, now vapor and steam.
Glass globe dreams.

Life inside
Cold liquid mercury sky.
Heavy metal jacket
Shrapnel sheets of rain
Storm swirls irate
Against the iron cities,
Darkened daily the winds scowl,
Titanium trees sway
-new metallic reality.

We still have some postcards.
Yet the world they show is gone.
We destroyed the original
Now live inside this new one,
Glass globe dreams.
~Tentatio mortis honore~
By RaVen DaWn

...from 2004,

If it’s dead –eat it.
If it moves –kill it.
Waste not, we may still have chance.
Let us dance and rejoice
The music of the bombings and the light of the fires
Yes Atlas has retired and we are marching forth
Beyond the edge
Of this brave new world.

Missile up. We’re having a gas!
Don’t fear, the trigger is right here…
Right here child, point and squeeze
Life imitates reality, shoot and smile
One less of them
One more of us
Every woman now reduced
Makes a killer garden
Every man now enlisted
The only choice remains which sides are you on,
There is a checkpoint where
We blew up the last one,
Secret hand shakes in the board room
Play tunes on the juke box
Play with nukes, all blues and rocks
Have you ever heard 1 billion triggers cock,
S’ok now, even if we win the bout
There will be pandemics and fall out
Nature will attack much more pronounced
Yet that will not be fast enough
To keep humanity from killing itself.
Perhaps we play too rough
In this brave new world.
~all an end, all to begin~
By RaVen DaWn

....from 2017, a tale told in code of verse, this was a genuine account. A madman, aye... monde de folie, voila. Je'laime trop! Gros bisous, ma belle. J'adore....

"Dynamite To Light Your Candles"
Awake, aware and home at last!
3 days up and blasting past.
Out my cage and break my chains.
Give the sages my remains.
Can’t stop yet, and got to move it,
coming slow, you know you love it…

Every next day I stay awake,
close the distance I must make.
I’m here alone so send the drones…
call me on long distance saxophone.
Says sleep is urgent now I must be ready,
Nah, says I, I’m rockin’ steady…

4 days up, eyes glazed and red.
Typhoon winds of fear and dread,
Blows so fast, this laughter in my head.
Tie me to the mast, or we’re all dead!

5 days awake and blasting past;
Got no worries, move me fast!
Out my cage and break my chains.
Give the sages my remains.

Can’t stop me yet, gotta move it;
coming slow and gotta love it.
Got no treason, got no reason;
just a longshot of the season.
Rebelle jusqu a’ la fin!!!
Hmmm, all this fun now hug your kittens.
Be back soon with oven mittens;
I’m sizzlin’ hot and hard to handle.
Dynamite to light your candles.
~by RaVen DaWn~
Tentatio mortis honore... commoda feralis et confice!

“Dynamíti na fotízei ta keriá sas"
Xypníste, gnorízete kai to spíti sto télos!
3 méres kai vólta.
Vgálte to klouví mou kai spáste tis alysídes mou.
Dóste stous amartoloús ta paraménei mou.
Den boreí na stamatísei akóma, kai prépei na to metakinísete,
Érchetai argá, xérete óti tin agapáte ...

Káthe epómeni méra méno xýpnios,
Kleíste tin apóstasi pou prépei na káno.
Eímai edó mónos mou, gia na steílo ta drones ...
Tilefoníste mou se saxófono megálon apostáseon.
Léei o ýpnos eínai epeígousa tóra prépei na eímai étoimos,
Nai, léo egó, eímai statherós ...

4 méres pros ta páno, gyalisména mátia kai kókkina.
Týfona ánemoi tou fóvou kai tou fóvou,
Faínetai tóso grígora, aftó to gélio sto myaló mou.
Syndéste me ton istó, í óloi eímaste nekroí!

5 méres xýpnioi kai anatináxeis parelthón.
Den échete kamía anisychía, metakiníste me grígora!
Vgálte to klouví mou kai spáste tis alysídes mou.
Dóste stous amartoloús ta paraménei mou.

Den boró na me stamatíso akóma, prépei na to metakiníseis.
Érchontai argá kai prépei na to agapó.
Den écheis prodosía, den écheis lógo.
Aplá mia makriní stigmí tis sezón.
Rebelle jusqu a 'la fin !!!
Chmmm, óli aftí i diaskédasi ankaliázei tóra ta gatákia sas.
Epistrépste sýntoma me ta gántia tou foúrnou.
Eímai sizzlin «zestó kai dýskolo na cheiristeí.
Dynamíste na anávete ta keriá sas.

(Modernized Greek Version)
~RaVen DaWn (CorVus LuCem)~

Johnny Stachela

Kickin' Back or Kick N Bach

Thomas Pope

Kickin' Back is what it says on the CD

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