The Diamonds Lyrics

Come, let's stroll
Stroll across the floor
Come, let's stro-oh-oh-oll
Stroll across the floor
Now turn around, baby
Let's stroll once more

Feel so good
Take me by my hand
I feel so goo-ooh-ooh-ood
Take me by my hand
And let's go strolling
In wonderland

Strollin', oh yeah, strollin' ah
Rock and ro-uh-oh-oh-oh-oh-llin'
Well rock my so-oul
How I love to stroll

There's my love
Strolling in the door
There's my lo-o-o-ove
Strolling in the door
Baby, let's go strolling
By the candy store


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Jorge Mario Rodas

Used to hear this song on the radio in my teen years.  It brings to me so many remembrances of High School. 
Athough the song was released in 1957 I Heard it on the radio five or six years later as it was still played then.

Juanita Goslin

The bombest music ever


An ODE TO JACKIE WHITAKER who taught me to bop, stroll and SHOUT! In loving memory of Jackie. Rest in Peace my dear friend.

Carl Wafer

I enjoyed listening to this song. I imagine strolling with my fiance.

Carl Wafer


Anthony Trujillo

Never gets old 🎵🎶❤

BoZ CarSoN

This is the best oldies song ever! I used to go crazy over this song when I was little.


Yes, and The Stroll was a fun and easy dance, especially when you're a shy 12-year-old.

Ashley Carr

1957 was a really good year for music 🎶 🎵


The Diamonds - Canada's greatest contribution to early rock and roll.

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