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Justin Zemke

There is a time for love and laughter
The days will pass like summer storms
The winter wind will follow after
But there is love and love is warm
There is a time for us to wander
When time is young and so are we
The woods are greener over yonder
The path is new the world is free
There is a time when leaves are fallin'
The woods are gray the paths are old
The snow will come when geese are callin'
We need a fire against the cold
So do your roaming in the springtime
And you'll find your love in the summer sun
The frost will come and bring the harvest
And you can sleep when day is done

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William Walker

RIP Maggie Peterson. 1941-2022. She sings this song so hauntingly beautiful that simple words can't describe it. She was as beautiful as she was talented. Maggie, you will be missed.

Gary Barger

William Walker-AMEN TO THAT BROTHER!!!

Olivia Cope

I had no idea she had passed. That’s so sad.

PhyllisAT Braniff

@Insightful Visions surprising to me, too! She will be missed! 😥 🌹 🕊

PhyllisAT Braniff

"Hauntingly," beautifully Correct! 😍

Insightful Visions

Oh my God! I didn’t know she passed😮😮😢😢😢😢
DAMN!!!! We lost another great one……… She will definitely be missed😢😢😢😢

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The Dillards - Mayberry and Beyond

Thanks for featuring this iconic version of our song. Consistently one of our most requested when we perform live!

Avery Ingram

It's 2022 and I'm from Florida and I love this song as Well as the banjo etc. I am a person of color. Music is not racist when you're good at it.

PhyllisAT Braniff

Such an Honor, to see a reply from You, "The Dillard's!" ~ I hadn't heard of your Band, until "Mayberry," a few years ago! ~ Would Love to know, & hear you Live! God Bless Y'All! ❤️ 🕊 🕯 🎻 🎶

@From, as far South as I can get... Oklahoma, the "Heartland!" ❤️

Jimmie Perry

Thank you Dillards for creating this timeless classic

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