Man of Constant Sorrow
The Dillards Lyrics

I am a man of constant sorrow
I′ve seen troubles all my day
I bid farewell to old Missouri
The place where I was born and raised
Maybe your friends think I'm just a stranger
My face, you never will see no more
But there′s one promise that is given
I'll meet you on God's golden shore

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John Mettler

Unbelievable harmony. Tight, concise, exact. These boys got it! Hot diggity.

James Clay

diggity dog!

Bill Butler

Watching the Darlings / Dillards on Andy Griffin was always a major treat. Hillbilly Bluegrass was so marvelous, never could understand why there wasn't more available. Back in the late 60s (I graduated High School in '71) a great cheap date was hamburgers at Bob's Big Boy by P.C.C. on Colorado Blvd. then maybe 6 blocks down in an alley behind the Academy movie theater was a great nite club, 'The Icehouse' Really was an ancient brick ice house, remodeled into this slick night club, 3 acts $5 / head, order 2 cokes and 1 slice of pizza to split with your date. Always had great acts, and much to my amazement, I got to enjoy the Dillards several times. Always laughed at Rodney's signature gag, playing a huge harmonica, then a smaller one, and so on, finally spitting out a teensy little harmonica for his final tune. Have always appreciated & enjoyed the Dillards.

Ralph Sanchico

Couldn’t agree with you more. And I’m from Brooklyn NY

Bill Butler

@Sir Lancelot I agree- we were fortunate, make that very fortunate- to be alive and growing up in that era. I do worry about all that's evolved, changed, in the last 50 years, what are our grandkids inheriting? I do know many normal, moral, curious, good people from my kids era, and my grandkids seem to be smarter than my oblivious childhood, and I'm proud to say they all have a 'Good Heart'. Can't teach that. So this gives me hope for their futures, even though I'm something of a techie dinosaur.

Sir Lancelot

Hey Bill I graduated in '71 too.
Western Pa. Those were the days, the best of everything in music.

Brian McCarthy

I remember the Ice House from the middle 1970's. I had a college roommate who wanted to be a rock star. They had an open mike night and every wannabe and aspiring musician could sign up and get a shot at being noticed. I was brought along to be a supporting audience. The food was cheap enough for even starving students to afford and there were girls there. I hope it's still around.

Bob Page

Saw the Dillards every night, every time they played the Ice House in the '60s. Afterwards, we used to go to Randy Cierly's house in Glendale and jam until the wee hours. I used to stand next to Doug Dillard at the jams and watch him intently. He would show me a new lick every night. All the Dillards were fine people and good friends.

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Lonn Hoffman

Omg! So very much better than the garbage being put out today. These guys are true musicians, no sound effects or special mics!

Keith Clark

Idiots like Billy strings are ruining it. Seldom scene was always one of my favorite bluegrass bands and others like doc watson
Country gentleman ' tony rice , etc

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