Cosi Ti Amo
The Dining Rooms Lyrics

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I Califfi Quando il sole Sorge su dal mar E splende su di noi Ed…
Nicola Di Bari Quando il sole Sorge su dal mare E splende su di noi Ed…

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Dreamy Smiles Moonlight caressing our lovely souls Cold side, reflecting o…
Driving Driving down this high way Lot of questions buzzing on my…
M. Dupont Bonjour, je suis M. Dupont.…
No Problem (7 Samurai Vocal Mix) Webber Andrew Lloyd The Phantom Of The Opera The Point Of No…
Sei tu Il sole sei tu, e la luna sei tu, e il vento…

thin ice Love is thin ice It′s so easy to fall right in Love…

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Comments from YouTube:


Wishing we were driving up the coast to this song without a care in the world. We’ll always have Malibu.


Arrivo tardi ma COMPLIMENTI!!!! Bravi spero per voi tutto il meglio possibile.Grazie.


this needs to be watched more


A bittersweet, sad love song...evokes dark blues, warms to an uncertain lavender.


i agree


Heard this track on a CSI Miami episode...had to find out who the performer was....really good chill track!!


This song is so good, can't stop listing to it!


Excellent Chill .


very nice...



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