Dreamy Smiles
The Dining Rooms Lyrics

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Moonlight caressing our lovely souls
Cold side, reflecting our dreamy smiles
Dreamy smiles

Oh sis tell me things forgotten long time ago
Long time ago...

Overall Meaning

The lyrics to The Dining Rooms' song Dreamy Smiles has a dreamlike quality to it, as the singer describes the scene of moonlight caressing their souls, and how the cold side reflects their dreamy smiles. The imagery is both beautiful and haunting, as it creates an ethereal atmosphere that is open to interpretation. Perhaps the moonlight represents a moment of clarity or a time of reflection, while the dreamy smiles could be a facade covering up internal struggles.

The second half of the verse seems to be a conversation between two people, as one person asks the other to tell them things that have been forgotten a long time ago. This could be interpreted in many ways, such as wanting to relive happy memories or trying to gain insight into past mistakes. The repeating of "long time ago" emphasizes the idea of nostalgia and the search for something that has been lost or forgotten.

Overall, Dreamy Smiles is a song that invites introspection and reflection, creating a sense of longing and mystery that is both melancholic and soothing.

Line by Line Meaning

Moonlight caressing our lovely souls
The gentle glow of the moonlight enveloping our inner selves with tenderness

Cold side, reflecting our dreamy smiles
The chill against our skin aligning with the serene expressions on our faces

Dreamy smiles
The peaceful and contented grins we wear in this moment of tranquility

Oh sis tell me things forgotten long time ago
Oh sister, share with me knowledge lost to the passing of time

Long time ago...
A distant period in the past that holds secrets we yearn to uncover

Writer(s): Cesare Malfatti, Anna Clementi, Stefano Ghittoni

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