M. Dupont
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je suis M. Dupont.

Overall Meaning

The opening lyrics of The Dining Rooms' song "M. Dupont" introduces us to a character named Monsieur Dupont. From this simple introduction, the rest of the song unfolds like a conversation or monologue from the perspective of Dupont himself. The music is a smooth and jazzy instrumental, allowing Dupont's voice to take center stage.

Throughout the song, Dupont hints at a secret or dilemma that he is facing. He speaks of feeling like he is in prison, being watched, and wanting to escape. He mentions the weight of responsibility and the burden of expectations that come with his position in society. As the song progresses, Dupont's tone and delivery become increasingly desperate, until he ultimately declares "I'm not M. Dupont, I'm not M. D.!" This suggests that Dupont has been living a false identity or struggling to live up to the expectations of his station.

Overall, "M. Dupont" is a haunting and introspective piece that explores themes of identity, responsibility, and the pressure of societal expectations. The combination of the smooth jazz soundscape and Dupont's anxious monologue creates a sense of tension and unease, drawing the listener into Dupont's world and struggles.

Line by Line Meaning


je suis M. Dupont.
I am Mr. Dupont.

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Comments from YouTube:


Finally I have found it !!! Stuck in my mind for almost 10 years ... pure masterpiece


If only you had asked me...


Me too


So rad!


timeless. spaceless. this gives me chills.. i love it


I got randomly recommended this by YouTube, now it's one of my new favourites.


Esto es increíblemente bueno


Yeah, I first heard this tune on a double cd called "lounge collection" every track on there beautiful and chilled. I would go as far as to say the best collection of tunes ever.


I found Dining Rooms on a collection CD as well. Must have been 2004 I think. White cover with blue couch on it. One of the best collections I have ever heard. Cannot find it anywhere. One of the most regretful things I've lost.


I think you guys mean VIP Lounge Virgin Megastore Champs Elysees.
It was a 2 disc set- this song is track 1 from disc 1.
Disc 1 is good but disc 2 I didn't much care for.
I lost them all about a decade ago but I'm slowly finding them again.

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