Sei Tu
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Il sole sei tu,
e la luna sei tu,
e il vento sei tu.

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of The Dining Rooms' song Sei tu depict a sense of oneness with the universe, with the lyrics stating that "you" are the sun, the moon, and the wind. The words express the idea that all energy, all forces, and all life come from this "you," which can be interpreted as an all-encompassing spiritual force or the universe itself. The song's lyrics communicate a sense of reverence for the natural world and the power of existence beyond individual human experience. It could also indicate a deeply personal connection with someone or something that is the essential life force or inspiration for the singer, as "you" is something they rely on.

The song was released in 2004, and it has become a favorite among fans of downtempo and chillout music. The Dining Rooms is an Italian band that blends a variety of musical styles, including jazz, electronic, and world music, to create a unique sound. The song Sei tu features a repetitive melody that creates a hypnotic effect, giving the listener the impression of being enveloped in the universe's energy. The music is minimalist, and the focus is on the vocals and the words of the song. This allows the lyrics to be the most striking aspect of the music, producing a contemplative and almost meditative atmosphere.

Line by Line Meaning

Il sole sei tu,
You are the sun,

e la luna sei tu,
And you are the moon,

e il vento sei tu.
And you are the wind.

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Comments from YouTube:


All the vocals are incredible


So thankful to have music like this in my life


nothing better than the dining rooms in last 10 years


What a beautiful song ! It's so sentimental. This is why I love the ambient genre.


fantastic song!


life flashes before your eyes..


the drums!!! la batteria!!!


In Italian "Il sole sei tu, la luna sei tu, e il vento sei tu", which means "The sun is you, the moon is you, and the wind is you"




what a cool band , pretty song... and the best of all, that sweet female voice at the beginning of the track mmhhh... una chimba

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