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Dreamy Smiles Moonlight caressing our lovely souls Cold side, reflecting o…
Driving Driving down this high way Lot of questions buzzing on my…
M. Dupont Bonjour, je suis M. Dupont.…
No Problem (7 Samurai Vocal Mix) Webber Andrew Lloyd The Phantom Of The Opera The Point Of No…

Sei tu Il sole sei tu, e la luna sei tu, e il vento…
thin ice Love is thin ice It′s so easy to fall right in Love…

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Comments from YouTube:


There are some seriously amazing tunes out there that people have never discovered. This is criminally underrated but I feel like I’m part of a special group who are addicted to this track.


Haha... Nice 😎




Almost 20 years i listen to this again and again from time to time. Still one of my favourite. Thx for sharing.


This song is so amazing! I dunno how to describe how good it is, it's just excellent. I'm really glad I've heard of TDR, 'cause tunes like these are what I put on loop. Can't praise 'em enough.


how did you discovered TDR?


@r4lph_gta  I think I saw a random person's album in my recommended one time. I listened to the album and one of the songs I really liked but found out through either the comments or description it was just a slowed down version of one of The Dining Room's songs, Existentialism. Searched up and listened to the original version of it and been listening to their stuff ever since. This, Afrolicious, and the Radio Version of Dreamy Smiles are my faves right now.


@@just1randomguy658 awesome! :D


Glad I found this!! Considering it a birthday gift, definitely 🎶



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