Mystery Train
The Doors Lyrics

Train arrive
Sixteen coaches long
Train arrive
Sixteen coaches long
Well, that mean old train
Took my baby
He's gone
Train, train
Coming 'round the bend
Train, train
Coming 'round the bend
Yeah that mean old evil train
Took my one and only friend
Train, train
Coming down the line
Train, train
Coming down the line
Well that mean old rotten train
Took the only friend of mine
Train, train
Coming down the track
Train, train
Coming down the track
Yeah he took my baby
And he never bring her back, alright
Whoo, whoo
Train, train
Come and gone
Took my baby
Took my baby
Took my love
Well, I woke up this morning, yeah
Nothing on my mind

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Written by: Herman Parker Jr., Sam Phillips

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Moreton77 Mansley

The hours pooled, congealed and marroon,
Footprints stain the one track mind
A stilletoe spiked the nights ' last call
Cloaked in sillence she drank alone.

Her laced stare poisoned the room,
Metalic air ribboned a nicotine dawn
A thousand men she spent on wine
Empty veselles distilled of life
Alone she walked the morning home

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Craig bugeja

I can't understand how the singer of this band, hasn't been received as the greatest singer/entertainer of his time???

im not your friend buddy

He kind of is.

Riley Tinny

Jim was a poet and second a blues man period

vincent den Haan

What a live song man…..

vincent den Haan


FOH Commies

Because of his father. His father was the admiral that over saw The Gulf of Tonkin incident. Then you have the Tavistock Institute role in social engineering of the 60s and 70s. This work paved the way for our divided and distracted and demoralized culture we have now.

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Robert Willi

Amazing how they could take a blues song and make it into a psychedelic experience while still respecting the song and it's original performers.

Bruce Marshall

I'm not a fan of traditional blues, unless it's done by The DOORS!


You've got to love his band. He couldn't have done it without them.

Kabir Sharma (mystical mind)

As well as they couldn't have done it without him. The Doors was something that the Universe itself had decided that it will happen and it did. The four of them together is magic take just any one of them away and the magic is gone. As simple as that.

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