Talking Blues
The Doors Lyrics

How, me and my baby walking down the street
We's being friendly to person we meet - you know that
Say "Hi neighbor. Howya doin'. Hey Dylan. How you doin' babe"
How, where you goin' boy?
How, what's happenin' out there?
We gotta whole lotta love baby
I gotta whole lotta love baby
Come on

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Comments from YouTube:

Lawrence Seiji Abbott

so sick. i got this on my ipod. i also like the rare assortment on essential rarities


Can you please add the basic information of in which year this was recorded to the video description above?



james porros

valllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa q joyaaaaaa acabo de encontrar

Lawrence Seiji Abbott

@celebrant9 yeah, so smooth, it woulda been sick if it was in the actual song

Frankie Butler

Lawrence S.
It can’t be in actual song because it’s DEFINITELY NOT Jim Morrison speaking voice, accent and intonation......

Frankie Butler

That person is DEFINITELY NOT Jim Morrison speaking. Different voice, accent and intonation.

S. Baumard

doesn't sound like Jim... it's true.


thankyou for posting this

Dean Brandt

Why only a minute long? Shame.

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